Nintendo Slapped With Strap Lawsuit Once Again

According to official court documents obtained by GameCyte, a new class-action lawsuit has challenged Nintendo's Wiimote straps once more -- and a prior 2006 case may hold the key to how it will all play out.

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ahnonamis3652d ago

I can understand why people are suing Nintendo over this (i.e. people love to sue to make money), but I really hope they stop soon. Nintendo already replaced the straps and sent out better ones for free. And if people are swinging the remote so hard that it snaps even if they're told NOT to do that, that's their own fault.

GameCyteSean3651d ago (Edited 3651d ago )

but one of the particular cases Nintendo customer support handled was for a three-year old kid who flung the Wiimote into the TV. You could argue that the kid shouldn't be allowed to play Wii in the first place, but it'd be hard to say that he should know better and hold onto the remote.

I think that case involved the old strap, but generally speaking...

Al3xand3r3652d ago

If only I was in the US too, corporatioons are such easy prey there :P

Shnazzyone3652d ago

I still have strap 1 and it has yet to break. Maybe if people weren't so stupid they wouldn't break their tv's/ It's called HOLDING the wiimote. Look into it!

ahnonamis3652d ago

Same here. I have one of the newer bands that came with a new remote I bought, but my other three are all launch ones and haven't had any problems. As long as you don't flail your arm around spasmodically trying to break it, it won't break.

ChickeyCantor3651d ago

same here, my younger nephews swing the remote like hell but it doesn't snap....i'm still wondering how they could make it snap.

Captain_Sony3651d ago

BY playing Wii Sports baseball and stupidly thinking you need to throw a 100mph fast ball with the Wii remote to get the same effect in game..Just check out Yuotube some time.. Most of the ones I see all happen that very way.. I have the smaller strap and it has never been an issue.. Now one time I did take the strap off and did some bowling. I did lose my Wii remote but it went into the wall well about the TV.

foreverflame3651d ago (Edited 3651d ago )

thank god i hate nintendo! i hope miyamoto gets killed from a hired MS hitman.

ChickeyCantor3651d ago

you are thanking god that you hate Nintendo?
What does that have to do...what? How? HEH?!

LMAO Miyamoto is a hitman xD.

Enigma_20993651d ago

... and as for the lawsuit... what the ever-lovin' F***?!?!?!?

Draperc3651d ago

I know I'm probably gonna get flamed for this, but us americans are like cavemen, only slightly smarter. This is really a stupid thing to sue nintendo for really. =/

*swings too hard and breaks tv*

Wenis3651d ago

Its just the US justice system is so F'd up, you can sue anyone for the most stupid thing now to make a quick buck, because some people are too lazy to go out and actually earn money for a living.

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The story is too old to be commented.