CSM: Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories review


"If you don't think a PlayStation 2 remake of a Gameboy Advance game is worth your time, think again. Not only is there charm to this story, there are so many characters that the twists and turns never seem to end. While the graphics still have some jaggies, they have been redone to the extent that you'll never think this once was a handheld game for an outdated Nintendo system.

Yet there are challenges for the player. Many of the minor battles done in an effort to level up your character are repetitive and, therefore, border on being boring. (The boss battles, however, are generally compelling.) Although voiceover work is done by actors Haley Joel Osmont and David Gallagher, there's not enough of it. Most of the time, you'll be reading lines of text and seeing characters silently mime words. In this day and age, that's fine for a handheld game. But it's lazy and inexcusable for a console game, even when it's a last generation model like the PS2. Still, the joy of exploring various lands, especially the Nightmare Before Christmas environment, can't be denied. Whatever the flaws, you just keep coming back for more."

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