Ubisoft: Third-Parties Can Find Success on Wii

Depending on who you ask, third-party games either sell just fine on Wii, or are substantially squeezed out by popular first-party Nintendo offerings.

Ubisoft admits that competition from Nintendo franchises can be tough, but publishers have to carefully plan out release strategies, and of course, release products with quality competitive with Nintendo software.

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Captain_Sony3655d ago

"and of course, release products with quality competitive with Nintendo software"

LMAO....ROFLMAO... How can the biggest garbage maker in Wii's library even think that Rayman raving garbage is on the same level as ANY Nintendo game. You fooled some people with the first one and since then have gotten fewer sales because it's nothing but a mini game crap fest. Sad really so many other 3rd parties are releasing better products and getting better sales but its the worst one of the bunch that wants to talk about delivering Nintendo like Quality.. I've never seen Nintendo ship a FPS where the enemies at the end just freeze and you can run right by.

Product3655d ago

"...release products with quality competitive with Nintendo software."
No sh!t.i thought this was a given.

Captain_Sony3655d ago

It is but its just funny to hear it from the company that is doing everything but that..EA is a better Wii developer then Ubisoft.. Hell High Voltage is 10times better than Ubisoft. It would be like the guys who made Sproggs racing claiming the game had Nintendo like quality.. They seem to think Nintendo like quality only means appeals to children. Because thats all I have seen them release and quality is not the word I would ever use for ANY of those games... Well I take that back.. I havent tried Shaun White yet and it is getting good Wii reviews... Maybe I'll cut them some slack. It is after all outselling the other console versions last time I checked and IGN even gave the Wii version a higher rating and suggested it was the version to get.. I just saw the Rabbits and my anger flared...

Product3655d ago

I feel you man,the only game i feel was a great make by Ubisoft was Shaun White for wii which i actually think they did a great job in doing(making it fell more unique and less like its counterparts) and to publish No More Heroes.Ea is comign around with some of their franchises like Tiger Woods and Madden but for being as big of companies as they are its funny how smaller companies are doing more and working harder at bringing original content or ground up wii games to the forefront.
Its starting to come around i think but for you to be successful on the wii i feel you need to take advantage of the wii yet still know the disadvantages.
Guitar Hero,Tiger Woods, and Shaun White are starting to show devs that if you bring the effort the sales will follow.

PS360WII3655d ago

Well at least they are saying it rather than Nintendo being the only one saying hey make good games and they'll sell!

LokMessier3655d ago

Hmm, ubisoft...*looks at some of the DS games they have made, then goes back to looking at the Wii*

Well at least No More Heroes is there [made by Ubi] and a sequel is in the works I here? Either way, yeah the developers for the Wii should step up the work on some titles, but that would have to be something I should have stated at least a year ago or so. Now it seems like the games are coming, but the time interval between each games release is a bit spread out. Monster Hunter, The Conduit, etc, etc. Granted once the good games have come out, I hope their online will be something along the lines of what was experienced in Mario Kart instead of Brawl [ Assuming in the brawl case that you were facing someone or people with a bad connection.]

GFahim3655d ago

developing and publishing. ubisoft didnt develop nmh, suda 51 did. ubisoft are just publishing it, just like what sega is doing to the conduit. they are also publishing tenchu 4 and that new tmnt game for wii.

but they are developing red steel 2.

LokMessier3655d ago

My bad forget they didn't really "touch" the game rather they simply released it under the name "sort a speak." To late for me to go back to editing it so hopefully this will suffice.

Though I guess can't really complain to much at least they brought out NMH instead of just another Petz game, even though it's doing well apparently.

mastiffchild3655d ago

The funniest thing I ever heard was UBI giving advice(as a dev)to other wii third parties. Their games are risable.

Captain_Sony3655d ago

Ubisoft had nothing to do with the development of NMH. They only published the game in the US..Yeah it was the best game they published and one of my personal favorites but it also wasnt made by them. Suda 51 developed the game. Their best selling title to date and the only one to get a sequel.

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Smacktard3655d ago

Ubisoft claiming quality?