Destructoid Review: Animal Crossing: City Folk

Destructoid does have some problems with City Folk. Some small touches from the GameCube entry, like the NES games, the sports fairs, the island, and the random basketballs are all MIA. City Folk also recycles all of the "overworld" music from Wild World, which, for the first few hours, made the game feel like just an enhanced port of that three-year-old DS game. After those few hours passed, they saw that City Folk added more to the Animal Crossing series than any other game before it. It makes sense that City Folk is all about hundreds of little enhancements, as the series itself has always been about minutiae. It may not be the re-boot that non-fans (and ex-fans) of Animal Crossing were looking for, but City Folk is the ultimate entry in the ultimate series about goofing off.

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Shnazzyone3631d ago

Finally i see an animal crossing review by someone who appreciates the series. Most the reviews for this are very deadpan and you get the sense they didn't play it for too long before making their verdict. I almost want to get this game now. With all of the stuff they packed it in seems awful tempting.

But i'm unemployed for realz and cant even imagine affording this game let alone with wiispeak. Oh well guess I'll pray for a job before the conduit comes out.