Sony Answers Some Key PlayStation Home Questions, Dodges Others

PlayStation 3's free virtual-world service Home is finally going to be available to all system owners today. To build interest, Sony reps were available to talk to the press about what's going to be in this Home open beta.

But in the great tradition of hyping an upcoming game-related project - even one just hours away from release - they were vague about some key things and full of teases.

Here's what MTV Multiplayer found out about money, rewards, music, cursing and some other key issues surrounding Home.

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-GametimeUK-3660d ago

My key question would be WHY did you say it would release around Oct 07?... Fair enough if it released a few weeks / months after but they blatantly had no intentions of meeting that date... So yeah I would like to ask why set a date which you know you blatantly would not reach

Kyur4ThePain3660d ago

However, if you are going to keep btching about the same stuff in every single Hoe thread, you might leave people no choice but to report your posts as spam.

"Hoping for" or "shooting for" a date is not giving a release date. If you want to read things into what you see on random websites, I'm not sure there's any help available for you.
Secondly, your question is a rhetorical one as nobody here can really answer it for you, so why not call up Sony and ask them?

Pennywise3660d ago

Get over it. It is out today...

-GametimeUK-3660d ago

"so why not call up Sony and ask them?"

judging by sonys delays if I rang up now they probably wouldnt pick up the fone until 2010... I cant be arsed waiting that long...

If its out today I will see you guys online

PSN: GametimeUK

Kyur4ThePain3660d ago

Only two other people commenting on the first post and both get 3 disagrees.
I guess we know how many accounts you have, GT.

-GametimeUK-3660d ago (Edited 3660d ago )

actually i didnt even click disagree once on any... want proof?
I can click agree on all of you at any given time... I dont disagree or take away bubbles from anyone

judging by your bubbles we can all assume you have more than one account to stay stocked up :-)

BrunoM3660d ago

Any ways jut to let you all know home is 100% up just restart your ps3s and the icon will be there have fun !!!!