New Technology Could Display Your Dreams on Screen

A research team at the ATR Computational Neuroscience Laboratories in Japan has successfully displayed simple images produced in the human brain on a computer screen. Dream recorder anyone?

In a nutshell, the device converts electrical signals sent to the visual cortex into images that can be viewed on a computer screen. In their experiment, they showed test subjects the six letters in the word neuron and succeeded in reconstructing the word on screen by measuring their brain activity. As the technology progresses, it could be possible to "see" what people are thinking, what they dream about and record it for posterity. What do you think? Would that be awesome or scary as hell?

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Lord Anubis3654d ago

Unlimited pron starting you. just kidding but i wonder if this would work with people in comas. Maybe whe can interact in dreams in the future like in Final Fantasy Spirits within.

3654d ago
Leio3654d ago

If this work Hollywood is doomed

athlon7703654d ago

So if I have a dream about killing my boss in a particular way, and say I told my best bud the dream, then he kills the boss and they find my recorded dream showing me killing him, I don't think that would work out too good for me...

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