Rumored PS Store Content for 12/11/2008

This week is a huge week for the PlayStation 3.

PlayStation Home is HERE, as in today! The long wait is over…

Most of you will be checking out Home, but don't miss out on Lumines Supernova which is this week's highlight. The weekly LittleBigPlanet DLC looks great this week, and there is plenty of DLC for other games to keep you all busy.

Also don't forget to download the echochrome patch, and if you haven't picked up this game yet, I highly recommend you pick it up this week.

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StalkingSilence3603d ago

I hope we see it this week or next. A demo would be nice as well.

darthv723603d ago

There needs to be more demos available. Is it up to sony or the company releasing the game? No offense, live has a demo of practically every game released on live arcade. I'd like to see something like that for psn.

Try before I buy is how I roll.

Beast_Master3603d ago

I agree we need some more demos, but it seems like there is just a short list of games being released in the comming weeks that would warrent a Demo. I mean Rise of the Argonots is really the last game comming out this year, unless they release demos for already released games like sonic and Tombraider.

Hopefully we will see demos for LoR:Conquest, Afro Samuri and RE5 next month. Or even Savage Moon. I doubt we will see a demo for KZ2 since there is a large Beta.

Doppy3603d ago

I can't even get into PSN. People are waiting for Home

LethalToxins3603d ago

Liar! I just checked, HOME is not "HERE" yet.

Blink_443603d ago

When the PSN store updates home will be there.

LethalToxins3603d ago (Edited 3603d ago )

Um, then why does the same site say it may not arrive at all. What does the store update have to do with their recent tech issues?

Sev3603d ago

Did you not read the "HERE, as in today!" part?

Or did you stop at HERE.

The PSN is down, and this article was published before TedTheDog announced that Home was having technical issues.

I am taking a bubble away from you and I NEVER do that.

LethalToxins3603d ago (Edited 3603d ago )

Sev, take a bubble from yourself. This, at the very least, gained approval AFTER this one:

The tech issues were aleady stated by then. Sorry I don't search endlessly through the articles that haven't hit approval yet. I don't really see that as a reason to remove a bubble.

And I did read the 'as in today' part. I, however, took it as you just emphasizing the fact that it was here. Perhaps, as a contributer, you should word things a little more clearly? Who phrases things like that? "Obama beat McCain, as in, in the presidential election!" It's silly and improper.

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Kleptic3603d ago (Edited 3603d ago )

the Home beta has been updated...I just had to download a patch...but nothing new on the store yet...

and as expected...can't get into Home anymore...request time outs, and service errors...its going to be a mess for a few days...can't wait for the constant "home is a disaster" articles every douche blogger and his dentist will come up with...

it is a little weird though...I've been in the Home beta since November 10th...and played around with it for at least a couple of hours...and never had a single error of any kind...never was dropped...was always able to get in (very quickly I might add) seemed like the load test was going pretty well...but millions trying to get on at once would inevitably trash anything I guess...

EDIT: as someone pointed out...I think the problem is not Home at all Sony seemingly took down the PSN for this roll out...I now can't connect to the PSN at all, and get a 'service temporarily unavailable' error...who knows...maybe home will work fine once this gets going...

LeonSKennedy4Life3603d ago

Home hasn't been available to me for the past 24 hours...

Kleptic3603d ago

oh wow...I was on last night around 11 pm US Eastern...till about 1 am Eastern, with no problems...and that was just 12 hours ago...

ah whatever...figured it would turn into a mess for at least a few days...

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