Even you can own a club house in HOME

Tomorrow is the day that Sony will released PS HOME OPEN BETA (PSHOB). Everyone who owns a PS3 will be able to make a apartment that they can call their own. Along with your other friends apartments you will be able to go to Stores and corporate sponsored rooms.

So how do you get one of those big corporate rooms? Apparently all you need is a small bank roll. The corporate rooms will actually be called Club houses.

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INehalemEXI3655d ago

I already got a club house , a summer house , and the appartment...I need trophy room and flat screens, picture frames and a personal arcade.

creeping judas3655d ago

and how much did that cost you?? especially the club room??

psnDevistator3563655d ago (Edited 3655d ago )

its called The KICKA$$ CLUB, but its under a different psn.

Check it out whenever Home fixes itself

US Server

ConanOBrien3655d ago (Edited 3655d ago )

Demon was right, HOME is like a 2005 technology pretending like a 2008 technological marvel, hence it's FREEEE!...

Oner3655d ago

"and how much did that cost you?? especially the club room??"

The Club House, Summer House, and Apartment cost is $0 = nothing. I have a Club House that is only for family & close friends. The additional stuff should be available later today or as time goes on, I am sure a vast majority of stuff will be free like a standard TV, standard picture frames etc. You don't HAVE to buy anything, it is all about IF you WANT to.

Ramtough3655d ago

if you were in beta with them? Or do you have to buy?

Cenobia3655d ago

Will you be able to keep that stuff though? I thought that'd we'd all have to download a new version and I assume everything will be reset.

I haven't seen any clubhouses, but I bet that'd be a cool way for Clans to meet (as long as it isn't expensive). They should have some sort of free clan support to. I'm not in a clan, but might consider it if it was integrated well with the PSN in Home.

But yeah, I don't intend on spending any money in Home. I have no problem with advertisements though (since its free to use), as long as it doesn't get too crazy. What I've seen so far has been very reasonable.

agentace3655d ago

and it will probaly always be free as its very basic, if u dont have it just go on clubs and click get clubhouse its not hard

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LinuxGuru3655d ago

You mean *today* is the day when Sony will release PS HOME OPEN BETA

Tomkar3655d ago

dont belive sonys' cr*p it's going to be delayed you will see

Cenobia3655d ago

Maybe by a couple of days, but I doubt it. We've waited this long, so I wouldn't go to crazy if they miss it by a day.

To be honest, PSN (at least Home) is probably going to crash today under all the people downloading and jumping into Home. I doubt its going to work 100% off the bat, but its still just a Beta so its to be expected.

PS3ROCKS3655d ago

Join my KILLERS club got 16 memebers

Ravenator5293655d ago

Disagree with me all you want but IMO, Home is a total waste of time.

NegativeCreep4273655d ago (Edited 3654d ago )

Then you're a total waste of perfectly good oxygen.

SiLeNt KNighT3655d ago

i got the summer house but the club house wasnt there when i looked. ehh, too late now. im waiting for the flat screen too though. i know sony said it wont happen on release or possibly ever, but if they can allow your friends to watch movies from your HDD inside your apartment that will make home worth it to me.

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The story is too old to be commented.