Will Gears of War 3 be a Timed Exclusive?

Split-Screen writes: "Fenix has slashed his way to the top of the 360 charts yet again, with 3 million units of Gears of War 2 sold, and no matter how critical one is of the gruesome bloodbath, the Delta juggernaut rolls on aided by Microsoft's marketing fury and intensity. It, however, puts up a critical setup to the next game in the franchise. Although tauted to appear within the 360's life span, it's not a little extreme to speculate whether the next game in the franchise will actually be tied exclusively to a singular platform."

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die_fiend3653d ago

Why on earth would it be made on more than one platform? Epic are hardly gonna be disappointed with 3 million sales in a month...MGS4 has sold like 4 million altogether and that's been out ages and is the best PS3 exclusive by far...Since Epic will smash that, in part due to Microsoft marketing their product, they're not gonna make it multi-plat

- Ghost of Sparta -3653d ago (Edited 3653d ago )

I fail to see how this relates to MGS4 and you're wrong about it's sales anyway. At the end of October, Konami reported that MGS4 had sold 4.33 million copies worldwide so by now it could very well be at 5 million or more. And no, MGS4 is not the best PS3 exclusive I've played. That's a matter of opinion, I don't judge the games I play based on sales. Only 360 fans do that as your kind are the only laughable bunch that believe sales = quality.

Lol @ you giving me disagrees with your other accounts.

WANNA GET HIGH3653d ago (Edited 3653d ago )

Its not gonna be.Gears is one of MS best game,they are not just gonna let it go multi plat.If u want to play gears just buy a 360.Epic makes loads of profits and sales are always big so why will they go multi plat.?

chaosatom3653d ago (Edited 3653d ago )

It Will Sell a Hell of a lot more.
It will be like 6 million easily if they made it Multiplatform or more. Just like GTAIV.

I know that Marketing is a HUGE Part, but that doesn't stop good games from Selling.

Maybe Sony and Microsoft both Market the Same game just like GTAIV, and at the end they can have sales just like GTAIV.

The Only Question is Whether Or Not Microsoft wants to make it Exclusive deal, otherwise Why Wouldn't Epic make it Multiplatform, if Microsoft isn't giving them a lot of exclusive money.

wetowel3653d ago

Its nieve to think Gears of War 3 wont go multiplatform. Sales are obviously not a problem, any game that sells over a million is considered to be doing very well. From a business standpoint it would make sense for Epic to make this game available to an additional 18 million ps3 owners ontop of the 26 million 360 owners. It could potentially lead to double the amount of sales which means more profit. Company's like profit, so there is a pretty big chance it will go multiplatform. Unless MS throws some money at Epic to keep exclusive which I think NEEEDS to be done seeing the 360's future exclusive list.

IWentBrokeForGaming3653d ago

I own all 3 consoles this gen. Im currently more of a fan of 360 than PS3 (I've got a 60 gig). I don't believe sales = quality. I just like the current expierences on 360 more than PS3. Don't make me a fanboy. Im just not totally wowed outta PS3. Although PS3 has quite a bit of games that keep it close to 360 in my opinion. My most favorite fanchises on the PS3 are Uncharted and LBP. But I've also enjoyed MGS, R1 & 2, Warhawk, Heavenly Sword, etc. Currently playing through Mirrors Edge on my PS3 (I wanted the exclusive DLC). I like PS3 just not as much, and I think 09 will be when PS3's games finally look like I've expected them too all this time. With the release of KZ2 and Heavy Rain. With all the talk of what was built into the PS3, I've expected 09's kinda games, since I got my system at launch. But finally in 09 I will get the games I've been wanting to see and play. Then I won't be turning my 360 on as much. All I can say is... it's about damn time!

morganfell3653d ago

Gears 3? Gears 2 is already in development for the PS3. I talked about this yesterday. It will be announced in 2009.

Halochampian3653d ago

I think it has something to do with the tight bond between MS and Epic.

and if I dont recall... doesn't EPIC not really like PS3? Maybe I am wrong.

and UE3 doesnt work too great with it.

dragunrising3653d ago (Edited 3653d ago )

Your, "I talked about this yesterday" prompted me to look up what you said. I can't say I'm convinced. It is 200% more likely a PC version is coming out than a PS3 version. If your under license to use the Unreal Network, wouldn't you be under NDA? If so, wouldn't you get in trouble for talking about it? If not, show everyone on N4G something about it, please and thank you. Speaking of publishing labels I noticed something peculiar. All of the PS3 and Xbox 360 publishing exclusives have their respective labels...and surprise, surprise haven't went multiplatform. I'm looking at all of my PS3 and Xbox 360 exclusives that I own. These include: Ratchet and Clank, Uncharted, Resistance 1 and 2, LittleBigPlanet, Halo 3, Mass Effect, Gears of War 1 and 2. None have went multiplatform. I also own MGS4 and Bioshock, both which were published by Konami and 2K respectively. It is more likely MGS4 will come to the 360 than Gears of War comes to the PS3. Konami published and therefore isn't obligated to keep it exclusive. Tell me why Mass Effect has never made its way to PS3? The answer is obvious. Same reason Gears of War anything will never be on anything other than a PC and 360. I await your rebuttal.

Edit: For those that don't know, "Morganfell" posted multiple comments yesterday about Gears of War 2 coming to the PS3. He claimed to be "in the know" on account of being part of the Unreal Development network. He hasn't proven anything on account, everything he has said couldn't be validated as true. Evidence is needed. If you send me a PM with Gears of War 2 bug testing screens for evidence I might believe you.

morganfell3653d ago (Edited 3653d ago )

Yeah that's what I want to do. Stick my neck out for some one like you. Then all that is necessary is to look at the file I post, look who accessed it and viola, I am screwed for someone like you. Not happening. I will just mark you down and save this web page as one more person that is going to be eating some 7 course meal sized crow pie next year. You won't be able to post anywhere without my bringing this up.

I have had a few people PM me and say, "There is no logical reason for you to go out on a limb like this unless you have seen something. I will wait and see." But you are not that smart.

You ask for copies of the bug reports. Why? You will just say I made them up. You won't ever believe it until the official announcement so just like Bioshock you had better get ready. It is coming.

I like posting here and would not make an issue out of something just to anger some children. There is a reason they are bug hunting and there is a reason the sticky is on the internal forums. Deal with it or not. But come announcement day in 2009 your only choice will be to avoid this website at all costs.

dragunrising3653d ago (Edited 3653d ago )

You think I am trying to discredit you and insult you...nope. At least not earlier...your trying to make things person now eh? Personally, I don't care about you either and even less now that I know you are an unkind buffoon. It is human nature to be skeptical. I am not trolling the forums and saving comments just so I can call people out. That Sir is what I call childish. You answered part of my question. You are under some NDA agreement. Also, I wouldn't expect you to go out on a limb for some random poster to prove a point. Obviously, you are eating it up (the disagrees and comments) so you can get the satisfaction of saying: "I told you so." I am not denying the possibility of a port, however based on evidence, your noted anti-360 sentiment and venomous revenge threats, its hard to believe you TODAY. And why should anyone? I never believed the rumors that MGS4 was coming to 360...why should I believe you? Common sense. You seem to think me a simple man. I beg to differ. I am not a gullible fool. Regardless of whether you are right or wrong, it is of no consequence to me and given evidence, there is no reason to believe you. I care not for exclusivity or bragging rights. I'm not sure what your motivation is in all this but it is pathetic that you are taking skepticism so personally. Why else would you save all the disagreeing comments and PM's? If I had ego that would buckle every time someone proved me wrong, perhaps I wouldn't come back to n4g after the "big" reveal. I don't care myself, however its not right to bring others down and I won't tolerate it. Very mature I might add. . Every time your comment gets deleted because of bashing other users, you will know exactly who reported you.

On topic: Regardless of whether GeOW 3 comes to PS3, where is the audience? If there is an audience, I can see why Epic might want to produce a PS3 port. Also, using the argument: "there are 25 million 360s and 18 million PS3" doesn't work as a measure of whether the third game will go multiplatform. Why has GeoW 1 only sold 5 million if the potential audience is 25 million? Why has Uncharted sold only 2 million? Why is Resistance 2 and LBP not past the million sold yet? As you can see, just because everyone has a console, doesn't mean they will buy a AAA exclusive. Otherwise, developers wouldn't even bother with "next gen" consoles and only develop for the 100 million plus sold PS2.

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prowiew3653d ago

The question is who will publish the game if is not exclusive. Is gotta be a big company that have money to market the hell out of the game, like microsoft did. I dont think epic are doing bad with the game being exclusive. I could imagine epic getting a big bonus for the game selling that well.
But this game deserve to be played by all gamers. Is really good. It would be a good news if is not exclusive for gamers!

morganfell3653d ago (Edited 3653d ago )

It is of no consequence to you? Really? Like so many others you make this claim yet you reply, and reply, and reply. Sorry, but your very actions betray your words as far less than truthful.

You discredit me? You are under the skewed perception that you can do so and that I care what you think of me. I don't. I respond because it will be very enjoyable (see how I admit that) to watch doubters such as yourself, people that called me, what was the word? Ah yes, a buffoon - rebut something concerning which you are far off the mark. The fact is there will not be a PC version. No. That much is sure. The 4 levels were released for testing only. But the PS3 version is en route.

You say you do not expect me to go out on a limb yet your prior post requests exactly that. You should really have that bi-polar disorder treated. I do not think you a simple man. That is a perception you have of yourself. Such feelings of dealing with self worth or lack thereof are usually based in some degree of reality. So if you think I believe you to be simple, and I do not then doubtless it is your own low self esteem and lack of confidence leading you down that path.

You believe me childish for marking down doubters yet you take the time to respond to me in an intimate fashion. Really, who is being childish and who is being childish but at least honest about their motivations. As long as we are splitting hairs you should take a close look at your own blatant actions and motivations. Laughable in their presumptuousness and dishonest in your self examination.

Foliage3653d ago

Microsoft won't let the only reason to own a 360 jump onto the PS3.

supahbad3653d ago

idk about gears2 on ps3 but the rumors about the next one crossing over have been around since like forever

Arnon3653d ago (Edited 3653d ago )

Morgan, you really are childish.. And now I KNOW you haven't played 4 maps because for 2 reasons.

1. Microsoft and EPIC are still under contract.. and SINCE they are still under contract, those maps would be illegally made, and EPIC could go out of business. Not to mention the only way a port is happening is if it is being made by another company.

2. Not only is MGS's logo on the front cover of the box, it's also in the game itself. I understand that your ego is so massive that being wrong would mean the end of the world, but seriously.. if Microsoft knew they were going to lose it, they wouldn't have worried about putting their logo everywhere on and in the game. Not to mention it would have already been announced. A game just doesn't randomly come out.. and for certain, doesn't get announced a month before it's release, unless it's some sort of downloadable game/content.

I would also like to know what the maps looked like, as then I could validate if they were real or not.. Also, Microsoft DID buy publishing rights for Gears of War 2.. which is again, why it's plastered everywhere within and on the game. I would also like to know why Gears of War 1 isn't coming to the PS3.. because technically Microsoft doesn't own EPIC, yet they have publishing rights.. and we know that "Games published by companies have gone to other platforms." Yeah, right. But I know you're going to shrug this off because "I SAWZ IT IN THE BACKWOODS OF A COMMUNITY DEV FORUM, AND IT PROBABLY ISN'T EVEN LICENSED BY EPIC!"

Rhoic3653d ago (Edited 3653d ago )

Re: Speculation...
Thursday, December 11, 2008 3:59 PM
"Mark Rein" <[email protected]> ;
Add sender to Contacts
"'[email protected] t'" <[email protected]> ;

Gears of War 2 is exclusive to Xbox 360 unless its publisher, Microsoft, decides otherwise. I can't imagine them asking us to deliver a Playstation 3 version of the game :)

Mark Rein
Epic Games, Inc.

Visit us at

From: Michael Fine
To: Mark Rein
Sent: Thu Dec 11 16:39:54 2008
Subject: Speculation...
So I heard from a Licensee from UDN is stating that Gears of War 2, the Microsoft Published exclusive to the Xbox 360, is being ported to the Sony Playstation 3. The man is causing a lot of fuss on the site and I would be honored to have some confirmation about this. His account name on n4g is called Morganfell.

I urge you to respond, as he is causing a lot of issues within the site, and must be, in some way, breaking an agreement with EPIC games.

-Thanks, Michael.

Rhoic3653d ago

NOW can we get on with our lives?

dragunrising3653d ago

Lets see what Epic has to say about morganfell and his wild "claims." Hopefully no one gets into trouble, however they shouldn't be posting things their not supposed to in the first place.

Morgan, dude, you need to calm down. Your rebuttal, if thats what we're going to call it, never addressed anything I said. Period. You seem to gloss over this and that, claim this or that. Your language is all fluff and no stuff. Perhaps I have to communicate differently with you. Rather than say, "don't insult other users on n4g," I should say: "treat others with respect." Whatever works I suppose. And, no, I never implied I had poor self esteem. When you said, "But you are not that smart," I assumed you thought I was dim-witted. You contradict yourself in your next post directed towards me: "I do not think you a simple man." In the same post you tell me I should get treated for bi-polar disorder...And to this I say, I'm sorry Mr. Psychiatrist but I'm not sure your a real doctor. You need to really think about what you say. Words can be powerful if you use them right.

On topic: I think that if Epic wants to release a PS3 version of Gears of War 3 they will need to convince Microsoft. When you have an excellent publishing relationship like Microsoft has with Epic, there is less incentive to release multiplatform. How many games go on to sell 5 million plus?

mugoldeneagle033652d ago


More like "in part due to the choice of making it exclusive to the first next-gen console that entered the race (or started it).

Make no mistake about it, GoW2 is a good game, but it's not great, not as good as the first, and if you think Microsofts early install base has nothing to do with those numbers your insane.

And why not make it multiplat? If the game is a centered launch title on the '720' or whatever Microsoft chooses to name it, I guarantee it wont sell as many copies as Gears 1 or 2 did on the 360. Unless Microsoft spends money for another exclusivity deal for the third title, EPIC will want to make a move to make up for loss revenue from shifting consoles.

That or if it's still developed on the 360 (which it probably will be), why not release Gears 1 & 2 onto the Playstation, much like Bioshock, and make the third a timed exclusive, which would make for an even larger sales boost.

Then again this could all be just a Playstation 3 owner rambling about being able to play another great franchise instead of repeatedly asking my friend to let me use his 360


Rhoic3652d ago

"And why not make it multiplat? If the game is a centered launch title on the '720' or whatever Microsoft chooses to name it, I guarantee it wont sell as many copies as Gears 1 or 2 did on the 360. Unless Microsoft spends money for another exclusivity deal for the third title, EPIC will want to make a move to make up for loss revenue from shifting consoles.

That or if it's still developed on the 360 (which it probably will be), why not release Gears 1 & 2 onto the Playstation, much like Bioshock, and make the third a timed exclusive, which would make for an even larger sales boost."

Because competition is good for the gaming industry.. and LOLWUT? Gears of War 2 has broken 3 million in a month.. that's 3/5th the entire lifetime sales of Gears of War 1 in a month's time.. What in the WORLD makes you think it wont sell well again?

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SONYSLAVE3653d ago (Edited 3653d ago )

ps3 can not even hardly handle the Unreal engine.

but only the other hand, the mgs4 coming to 360 is possible cause it will be better well gears of war crushes mgs4 anyways so who the funk cares>

lol @ ghost

like you know you probly have only played unreal tornament 3 on ps3 and not on PC


UNREAL ENGINE is way more powerful than the ones you named droid. LMAO you sound like ken kutarugi with better english but still full of sh$t like him.

so mad about FINAL FANTASY 13 eh? oh I see you changing accounts there rapidly

shut it! jewkin!!

- Ghost of Sparta -3653d ago (Edited 3653d ago )

Unreal Engine 3 sucks so what's your point? Just keep pretending to not know that Sony owns vastly superior engines created by Naughty Dog, Guerilla and Sony Santa Monica.

Edit: Yeah just keep adding more and more nonsense to your post. Doing that will definitely help you prove a point.

Foxgod3653d ago

@ghost of sparta.

The unreal engine doesnt suck, Epic proofed that you can make wonderful games with the unreal engine.

Point is, its hard to develop on, but most developers have not scratched its surface yet.
Just you wait, 2009 will be the year of the unreal engine.

(why does this sound familiar?)

- Ghost of Sparta -3653d ago (Edited 3653d ago )

@ Foxgod: Year of the Unreal Engine? You serious? LOL! Gears of War 2 maxed out Unreal Engine 3 and that game STILL doesn't look better than Uncharted: Drake's Fortune.

@ BLUR111: Unreal Engine 3 in all its glory.

@ BLUR111 (again): Keep telling yourself that. Clearly you haven't played the PC version of Mass Effect or Unreal Tournament 3. Unreal Engine 3 is one of the most basic and outdated engines out there.

BLUR1113653d ago (Edited 3653d ago )

Do you really think graphics are everything Gears of War blows the physics of uncharted out the water and the graphics are up there with it at the same time

look at the character models in gears seriously.

have you seen a good pic of the locust?
the detail is pretty cool i would say

edit: But that is just cause of the Xbox's 360 slow loading hdd

PirateThom3653d ago

Are you serious?

The physics in Uncharted are a lot better than Gears.

Oner3653d ago

UT3 on PS3 says HI! With user generated content to boot!

PoSTedUP3653d ago

woah, dont get it twisted, gears of war is the s***.

would i buy it over socom or granturismo? HELL NO.

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Parapraxis3653d ago

So a MGS4 going to 360 rumour/article is fine, but the XBOys freak when a similar article about Gears 3 is posted?
How hypocritical.

Elven63653d ago

Metal Gear has been on other console platforms before, Gears of War not so much. The Metal Gear 4/360 articles were started by a interview with Kojima, these "GOW3" articles never started with Cliff but with Patcher and other no name blogs looking for hits.

If Cliff comes out tomorrow and says "Gears and the PS3 are a cool fit" then by all means post away, but if your just speculating out your ass.....

Parapraxis3653d ago (Edited 3653d ago )

"If your just speculating out your ass....."
Then you write an article about it?
I dunno, it's what this author did.

BTW I'm not speculating at all, I don't expect any Gears game will be on PS3.
Just pointing out how hypocritical people are.
BTW Kojima stated very clearly that MGS4 was PS3-only, but that didn't stop the MANY MANY articles claiming otherwise that followed that OFFICIAL statement.

Elven63653d ago

Why would I write an article about this?

I agree, people especially on N4G can be complete jack asses, but this isn't the best example to use though. They still had a "official" statement to latch onto, it's still more than anything regarding "PS3-Gears".


Gears1 sold over 5million on only one console.Gears2 sold 2million in 2days.Im pretty sure sales is not a problem for epic.

chaosatom3653d ago

But the more the better right?

Wile3653d ago (Edited 3653d ago )

Oh please, The Sony fans are just as bad when it came to MGS4 to 360 rumors.

Parapraxis3653d ago

@ Wile, Oh please what?
Those stories were approved and talked about, so why not this.
Fans of their respective consoles get up in arms when writers suggest the idea of certain games going cross-platform.
I'm not saying that it's right in some cases and not the other.
My point IS that if people can speculate about PS3 games going to 360, they are free to do likewise for games on 360.
The same 360 fans that were more than happy to approve and discuss the possibility of MGS4 going to 360 are now up in arms over a speculative article about the Gears franchise.
Maybe you don't comprehend the term "hypocracy".

Wile3652d ago (Edited 3652d ago )

I find if hypocritical that Sony fans are crying foul that the Xbox fans are 'freaking' out about Gears on PS3. However it's ok to freak out and defend MGS4 when there were rumors about it coming to 360. 'Hypocracy' (as you spelled it) is a two way street in this case. I'll give you that!

However, if you are going to accuse people of not understanding a term, you should try spelling it right. It's spelled HYPOCRISY.

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nyscorp3653d ago

wow that would be great for sony to fans to finally get one of microsofts good franchises instead of the other way around like usual

Nathan Drake3653d ago

If I recall correctly,GTA-Devil May Cry-Final Fantasy-and Tekken,were neither created nor published by Sony.And all of the said games have seen a previous release on a console not made by Sony.

But do continue with your nonsense....


Yes ur right but its not gonna happen.Ms is not gonna let one of there biggest games go multi plat and thats just a fact.They are not like sony that will just sit and watch there exlusive games go multiplat.Ms has money to burn and they will pay EPIC as much money they can to make sure it stays exlusive.If u want to play gears just buy a 360 this christmas,i got a ps3 but my 360 is coming soon.They are doing a bundle gears2 deal that is just to good to miss out on.

hay3653d ago

Don't want to be b*tchy Nate but on which console DMC, GTA and Tekken were released before Sony's?
As I recall GTA was released on PC, and then ported on PSone. No earlier non-Sony consoles seen here.
DMC started as PS2 exclusive, and Tekken was released on arcades at first. So still no non-Sony consoles before.
How come you dare to accuse others of saying nonsense?

chaosatom3653d ago

ok, so i am not saying that Microsoft won't make it exclusive, but I am just talking about Epic.

And I will have no interest in Gears coming to ps3, because by the time they port it or make Gears 2, Ps3 library will have so many games from FF13 to God of War to Killzone to uncharted. Plus Unreal engine and Ps3 don't mash very well.

I forgot what we are arguing about.

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SixTwoTwo3653d ago

Gears of War will always be an Xbox exclusive. Just like Final Fantasy will always be a PlayStation exclusive. Wait.

WANNA GET HIGH3653d ago (Edited 3653d ago )

FF13 was never only a playstation exlusive.I remember it was on nintendo first, and dont forget the origanl xbox got a final fantsy game.The reason why people think final fantasy is like a play station game is because that is were it made most of its sales and money.Dont live in denial, gears will always be a 360 exlusive.If MS could pay 50million for exlusive DLC what makes u think they cant pay epic to make sure it will always be exlusive.Gears,halo E.T.C are games that will forever remain exlusive.

Pls give me a reason for disageree.Dont just click the button and go and hide,counter my facts.!?!?!?! ..... :/

likedamaster3653d ago (Edited 3653d ago )

The 360 currently has a Final Fantasy game(XI)an MMORPG which launched in April 2006 cross-platform with the ps2, optimized for next gen, not to mention the expansion packs for that game. It's not the 1st or the last FF game for Xbox.