News update - 11th December - Open Beta Day (**EDIT 3pm uk time**)

* Technical updates are progressing and as you have probably seen the 1.03 patch is available for existing users already but the service remains unavailable whilst work is carried out
* Service should be back up everywhere early PM UK time although theres no specific time as theres a long list of actions being worked through in Europe, America, Asia and Japan
* New comers to the service will find the Home icon on their XMB once we activate it. You wont have to look for it, it will be easy to spot and will appear under PlayStation®Network. However, if you are online on your PS3 when we activate it you will need to restart your PS3 for it to appear. Watch these forums for news on when that is. It will work like [email protected] in that the icon will be there and you'll download the service when you first select it.

**Edit 3pm**

Still progressing nicely, now on the testing stage. No eta still as I wouldnt want to guess how long it will take for each region to verify its elements are working but we're getting there.

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Jeff2223652d ago

Come on HOME.... be able to fix these small technical difficulties and let me dance and wave all around HOME... I know you want to don't kid youself

Watkins3652d ago

BUt it should be up today .. so let's hope it will be as well.

Watkins3652d ago

Just read the new update. Seems like we in europe won't get either Diesel, Ligne roset, red bull, uncharted nor farcry2 spaces (not at launch anyway) ...

house3652d ago

it should be i have to agree wave dance seems fun lol

Devilbringer3652d ago

looking forward to customize my character

IWentBrokeForGaming3652d ago

BUT... if it don't release today it's going to create flamebait and I feel Sony will be cruisified by many!

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The story is too old to be commented.