Bartle on WoW Torture Quest

Speaking exclusively to IncGamers, Bartle outlines and explains why his comments on the torture quest featured in the newest World of Warcraft expansion, Wrath of the Lich King, were taken out of context.

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Leord3652d ago (Edited 3652d ago )

Seriously, can anyone fault Bartle? I mean Blizzard are basically encouraging torture here!

It's not like it's a choice, even if it isn't compulsory. You get rewarded if you do it, and if you don't, there is no positive effect, or any effect at all.

Saint Sony3652d ago

Many people do consider WoW as a form or torture.

Rovdjuret3652d ago

I bet this will make my 16 year old little brother go over to the neighbor with a Fork and lighter ^^

nah i dont really think games have influence on PPL.

Still tho i might be wrong BRB checking what my brother is doing hes in the kitchen!

Maticus3652d ago

It's pretty horrific, but I still think this is all a bit silly. Characters do far worse in the game than torture.

Leord3652d ago

Not really. I mean, killing is in most cases considered a lesser offence than torture. There are situational reasons to killing, but torture is pure and maliciously used to the sole extent of hurting someone physically until they break mentally.

Something that would fit nicely in the DK quest line (where you have such elements as well), but hardly in any neutral/good character.

Zhit3652d ago

Really, death is better than torture? Personally, I'll take the torture if I live to see another day... But hey that is just me.

martynmj3652d ago

That torture quest was fun >:D I also enjoyed the one where you get to use dynamite to blow up a mammoth !!

thetamer3652d ago

Now that's just silly, I mean a mammoth and dynamite? Are you welsh or something?

Rovdjuret3652d ago

Guess what! Theres a quest in Dragonblight Where u get to Blow up giant worms to ! Frikkin Awesome

Leord3652d ago

lol, how did this turn into the funnest ways to kill things? =)

Rovdjuret3652d ago

ever since ive seen Crocodiledunde fishing with TNT i find explosives very usefull

so now it works on land to ^^

if u got a problem,Just blow it up!

martynmj3652d ago

@thetamer - did you know that the largest chelonian is the great leatherback sea turtle, which reaches a shell length of 200 cm (80 inches) and can reach a weight of over 900 kg (2,000 lb, or 1 short ton). Freshwater turtles are generally smaller.

and blowing up stuff is always fun (in game ofc..) some one sould make a montage of all the fun stuff you can blow up in wotlk and email Bartle the link

lothaer3652d ago

isnt "Blow It Up" the American Answer to everything?

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kalos3652d ago

Hurray for simulated torture :D

Seriously, they're making a bit much out of this.

thetamer3652d ago

The question is, is this out of context or is this something that's been blown out of all proportion. Bartle probably isn't alone in thinking this.

Leord3652d ago

Yeh, well, even when Bartle was basically misquoted I thought there was some point to his opinion. when he was correctly quoted and IncGamers talked to him it made even more sense...

lothaer3652d ago

i think his 15mins of fame ran out ages ago

Elly3652d ago

@ Lothar "i think his 15mins of fame ran out ages ago"

Um you do realise who Richard Bartle is don't you? He's not some muppet in off the street.

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