Sony rules out 'PSP 2'

SCEE PRESIDENT David Reeves has told MCV that Sony currently has no plans for a 'PSP 2'.

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TrevorPhillips3658d ago

there definetly will be a psp 2 just not yet maybe late next yr or the yr after

SL1M DADDY3658d ago

When the current one is selling better now than it ever has?

JsonHenry3658d ago

Because the next handheld will be called the Sony 2!

SuperM3658d ago

There will be a PSP2. But i dont think its going to happen that soon. Id say perhaps in 3 years we will see a psp2. Dont think it will happen any earlier then that, maybe later. I dont really hope they release it any sooner then that either, because i want it to be a significant upgrade. I want to see smooth handheld games without jaggies and without to much compromise because of the hardware. Or even better, games that will actually look really good even when you plug it to your TV. Now that would be a kick ass gaming device.

Doppy3658d ago

It's going to stay on the market longer than that. All console manufactures want their current systems to sell as long as possible before going on to the next thing. And of the next PSP is supposed to be as powerful as a PS3, than it's not coming out until the PS3 is hitting it's fade away stage.

I predict we won't see any new console until after 2010.

DS 2: 2010 - 2011
PSP 2: 2011 - 2012
Wii 2: 2011 - 2014 (If it keeps selling it's going to stay around)
Xbox 720: 2012 - 2013
PS4: 2013 - 2014

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Lombax3658d ago

Sony currently has no plans for a PS3 price cut ether. Because if you new about it you would just wait a month or 2 and save a hundred bucks.

ruibing3658d ago

Exactly, if people knew there will be a PSP2, they will wait for that to come out instead. I'm sure it won't come out for awhile, and I'm guessing PSP games can be played on it, but it will probably be a lot more like an iPhone with integrated flash memory.

Panthers3658d ago

Right now companies are worried about surviving the recession. Something as costly as developing a new PSP will have to wait, but it will come.

Fishy Fingers3658d ago

Id put money on it that they've been "working" on a PSP follow up for sometime.

gamfreak3658d ago

the PSP doing so well now around the world ofcourse they have no plan for PSP 2, few more years maybe....?

Zerodin3658d ago

They're almost out of little girl panties and bento boxes.

Evocation3658d ago (Edited 3658d ago )

I'd imagen they'll try to hold out with the PSP2 as late as possible, and release the PS4 slightly early unless the PS3 suddenly starts to really show a massive profit.

That way they can release them both side by side and really get some good features between them both.

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