1UP: Heavy Rain New Impressions

Gaming geezers have been eulogizing the venerated adventure genre ever since Tim Schafer's appropriately funereal Grim Fandango failed to set sales charts ablaze. Even though titles such as King's Quest, Maniac Mansion, and Myst were tremendous PC blockbusters way back in the day, publishers have largely abandoned story-heavy, action-deprived fare during the last decade in favor of shooters, RPGs, and racing games. Dedicated fans can still uncover a trickle of lower-profile indie offerings on the PC side, but console gamers seeking "interactive fiction" experiences are usually left with bitter, nostalgia-souring dregs (Leisure Suit Larry: Magna Cum Laude, anyone?). But shockingly, an upcoming adventure game has emerged that even has the jaded console community taking notice: Quantic Dream's PS3 exclusive, Heavy Rain.

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- Ghost of Sparta -3658d ago (Edited 3658d ago )

"One glance at the game's phenomenally lifelike real-time visuals will have you second-guessing your own reality's graphical prowess..."

"Heavy Rain's eerily realistic visuals edge ever closer to that fabled 'uncanny valley'..."

Here's the gameplay presentation.

Nathan Drake3658d ago

Hm,2009 is going to be epic!

thor3658d ago

I'm more excited about the plot and new gameplay mechanics than the graphics to be honest. These aren't in-game screenshots (look at the resolution) but I hope it can match these. Only thing I would say is that it all looks a bit flat - some of the surfaces in that first pic don't appear to have any textures or detail on them at all.

Kyur4ThePain3658d ago

Which console is that running on?

Kain813658d ago

Playstation 3 exclusiv Game

Kyur4ThePain3658d ago

I misread his comment and though he was making reference to Crysis in a different way.
I was trying to be a smartass. *BLUSH*

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DeforMAKulizer3658d ago

Great stuff!!!
Can't wait to see more! The recent screenshots show great variety of the gameplay itself!
The game is definitely intriguing me bit by bit!

omni_atlas3658d ago

wow, I'm just happy 1up isn't hating.

ShadowArchangel3658d ago

Gotta say that this is interactive storytelling to its best. Or at least that's how it sounds to me. The story itself its the game we'll be playing. And I surely can't wait to travel through it.

Harry1903658d ago

Shane. Shane is cool but an outcast there.

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The story is too old to be commented.