GamesRadar: TNA iMPACT! Wii Review

This blatant laziness might be forgivable if there was a decent brawler buried somewhere within the game's code, but there isn't. Despite the subtitle's bold claims, it's not "nonstop action" all the way; matches are protracted and maddeningly slow – actually finishing someone off in a flurry of limbs requires more hurdle-jumping than the Olympics. TNA's character models are passable, but the crowd belongs in a '90s arcade cabinet, possibly cheering on Zangief.

Midway – surely you can do better than this? They can – they just couldn't be bothered. A fate affecting a lot of Wii ports, and one that never fails to grate. Considering how well SmackDown! vs Raw 2009 was ported, you should get that instead.

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