Inside an Xbox 360 Jasper: Ben Heck dissects the mythical console, then tells you how to find one

From Engadget:

"Ace modder Benjamin J Heckendorn (aka "Benheck") has found -- and immediately dissected -- an Xbox 360 Jasper unit. As widely reported, it was inside an Arcade unit. In the following exclusive story, he not only details what he finds inside, but will also clue you in on how you too can find this unit on store shelves. Read on for the exclusive Engadget look at the guts and the glory!"

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meepmoopmeep3660d ago

is there any way on the outside box to know if it's a Jasper?

gambare3660d ago (Edited 3660d ago )

the serial numbers

they will have the release week, month, year last digit and you will know that date after the official jasper chipset release

Rockstar3660d ago (Edited 3660d ago )

just look at the bar code.

You're looking for 12.1 Amps.
If you see 14.2, you're looking at a Falcon

tatical3660d ago

The article says to look for a system with "12.1 amps" (its right next to the serial number).

austere3660d ago (Edited 3660d ago )

lame. I got about a 3 week old 360 arcade and it is a Falcon. Great, guess I still have to worry. I had a launch 360 and it didn't get RRoD. It got no video output. Much much worse.

Are Falcon's prone to pooping out as well? I mean I take care of my systems. My launch 360 lasted a good long while but it was a ticking time bomb like everyone else's of course. Nothing I could of done to stop it. 360 is the only console I've ever had break on me. Pretty much owned em all since the original Nintendo.

cherrypie3660d ago

The heat issues were resolved in Summer 2007 by making a change to the mounting method of the CPU & GPU.

So, all the "Ohmg! 3 red rings OMG!!" has been pretty much a dead issue since then, except for elite users.

The best part about Jasper, you sdf idiots can finally shut your yaps -- instead of paying attention for the last 1.5 years, and knowning WTF you were talking about -- this can finally shut your yaps.

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BLUR1113660d ago

it's easier to find a jasper in a arcade 360 console

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NipGrip3660d ago

It's time to buy a 360. That's if the RRoD is near completely obliterated this time.

NipGrip3660d ago (Edited 3660d ago )

Whaddya mean? Says me, you can see my login name above my avatar pic on the left. Now it's time for me to finally pick up a 360 if the RRoD is fixed with the Jasper. I know the Falcon was supposed to fix it, but I've still read reports of it not. I've waited for them to get this solution in place.

For below:
Because I don't entertain companies that put out products with high failure rates, even if I'm "only" going to be missing out on it for 3-4 weeks before I get a refurb back and I'm not biased against MS. ANY company. I want my product to be stable or at least have a reputation for being stable from the getgo. If the Jasper brings reports of near zero RRoD's, that would be what finally pushes this consumer to support a company that has in the past raised the watermark for what a company can ship out and expect the customers to put up with. It shouldn't be puzzling to fellow consumers why one doesn't support a company with a known high-failure product. It should be puzzling why so many consumer have chosen to support said company, therefor possibly sending a message to other companies as far as what consumers will put up with with shoddy build quality.

To each his own.

jaysquared3660d ago (Edited 3660d ago )

why are people scared of the RROD when M$ covers the console for that proble for 3 years? If it does go out you would be out of your 360 for no more than 3-4 weeks. If you cant go without a console for 3-4 weeks then you seriously need to get a life.

@below- Why buy something that has a high risk of failing? Because its not true. Yes the 360 has its problems but just because you got one doesn't mean it will break. Plus with the plethora of games the 360 has the pros of owning one just outweighs the cons.

lokiroo4203660d ago

I said "says who" in reply to who said it was fixed? and to jay, nah why by something that has a very high chance of needing repairs, seriously, why do that, how about we all wait until it is said that rrod has finally been given its death blow, those who cant wait need to get a life? hah those who put up with that sh1t need to get some standards and hold a company to those principles.

NipGrip3660d ago

Yeah in that case, lokiroo, I agree with you. Perhaps I'm getting ahead of myself. ;)

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Sarcasm3660d ago

"why are people scared of the RROD when M$ covers the console for that proble for 3 years? If it does go out you would be out of your 360 for no more than 3-4 weeks. If you cant go without a console for 3-4 weeks then you seriously need to get a life."

So because someone doesn't want to send in their $200-$400 console and wait 3-4 weeks because of a faulty product, has no life?

NipGrip3660d ago

To say a product is such a must have that you're willing to put up with it's known failure rate as it's so enjoyable..

And then to say one has "no life" because they won't be willing to spend a month without it.

Get this, I've spent what, 36 months without it and by his definition, have a life.

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