Free Resistance 2 Themes, R:FOM Map Packs, and More

PSBlog writes: We know what some of you are thinking: "Well, Resistance 2 has shipped-I betcha Insomniac is sitting back, cracking a cold one, and taking it easy 'til after the holidays." In the words of ESPN college football analyst Lee Corso: NOT so fast, my friend! We've been on the message boards reading your Resistance 2 feedback, letting it soak in, and working diligently on patches (Yes, more updates are on the way, and no, I don't have a definitive date for the next patch. But trust me-it's in the works). We also have some really cool new community features coming to over the next few weeks. Expect another blog post soon with more details.
Now, since this is the holiday season, we figured it was time to provide you with some Resistance-related gifts that won't do any damage to your wallet. Here we go:
Resistance 2 PS3 Themes: As if your PlayStation 3 hadn't been subjected to enough of the Chimeran invasion, the attacks continue this Thursday with some brand-new Resistance 2 themes for your console. Insomniac's art team put together three sweet-looking themes, each sporting multiple wallpapers. Here's a peek at "Man vs. Chimera," which you'll be able to download from the PlayStation Store:

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GVON3654d ago (Edited 3654d ago )

cant beat a bit of free

NDN_Shadow3654d ago

I was gonna go back and replay R:FoM anyway before I (hope to) get R2 for Xmas. Those free packs should be fun, assuming people play them...

ThanatosDMC3653d ago

I still cant believe what happened in the ending.

People should watch the video on the website source. It's exactly how the game looks.

Santa3654d ago

are free now even though it should of been a earlier.

DA_SHREDDER3654d ago

Those themes are goreous. Too bad R2 don't look like that in game or I would buy it.

Gaara_7243654d ago

funny thing is if you play it in Full HD with a contrast ratio of 30000:1 they look just as good as them pics

DA_SHREDDER3653d ago

My tv is a full 1080p, and its not even a month old. It looks as good maybe just a little better then fallout. And thats not saying much.

WhittO3654d ago

lol makes me wana go back to R1 to play those maps.

I love R2, it has so much replay value, the only thing is that the co-op isnt really a "campaign", just random missions in no order, but still is really fun!!

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