EverQuest II Celebrates Its 4th Birthday

When are overcrowded servers and multiple crashes a good thing? Probably when you work for SOE and your game's fourth anniversary party has more people in attendance than you'd ever imagined.

EverQuest II had its fourth anniversary last month, and the parties were a bit more epic than SOE had imagined, or planned. According to Kiara, SOE's EverQuest II Community Relations Manager, the parties were so large that she was crashed multiple times herself, and the EQ2 devs had to actually come in and create hotfixes for mixed parties on the PvP servers and a way to distribute presents to an entire room at one time. This story by Kiara seems to mostly be a light-hearted look back at how much fun those anniversary parties were, but it also goes to show just how strong the EQ2 community remains four years after the game's launch.

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