The Adrenaline Vault : Lock's Quest Review

Michael Smith writes "When you think about games for the Nintendo DS, story depth and character development don't usually spring to mind. Most of these games are meant to be played in small chunks while riding the bus to school or the subway to work. Playing them for extended lengths of time usually results in aching neck muscles and eye strain, but with the release of Lock's Quest, THQ and developer 5th Cell have given us an immersive and entertaining reason to fight through the pain.

In the Kingdom, Source is life. This magic substance, found in wells throughout the land, is used by the Archineers to build and maintain structures. The greatest of these Archineers was Agonius, who through the course of years had become the King's favorite. But Agonius wanted to use the power of Source to create life; an ability that the King feared would endanger his reign. So the King forbade Agonius from proceeding with his experiments. This prompted the angry and ambitious Archineer to desert his King and disappear into the wilderness."

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