Ace Gamez Review - Singstar Vol. 3

Ace Gamez: " Since the original game's release back in 2004, Sony has delivered an incredible amount of versions of the karaoke classic SingStar year on year. Chances are though, that 2008 will be known as the year where the most SingStar titles were released; seven titles across both PlayStation consoles. Now that Christmas is on its way, Sony is rolling out releases on both systems and SingStar Vol 3 is the third game in the series for the PS3. It's yet another example of a disc release rather than downloadable packs but is the track list strong enough to warrant a place at your Christmas day party or should you trade your copy in for Microsoft's LIPS?

After reviewing Singalong with Disney and Boybands vs Girlbands, both for the PS2, the video quality found in the PS2 games has become all I expect from a game in the series. Now that another PS3 SingStar game is here though, the improvements made to the graphics causes the older games look ancient. Videos fill the whole screen and the lyrics do little to impose on the often HD quality music videos that accompany the songs. Menu screens use the theme you have selected in any of the other volumes currently on the market, with new themes available in the SingStore. This consistency across the games is one of the many subtle touches that makes SingStar on PS3 such a well conceived series; Microsoft's LIPS may look slick but SingStar still has the edge. SingStar has always sounded great but, unlike the PS2 games, the audio is coming through an HDMI cable and so it sounds just as good as any CD player you can buy. SingStar Vol 3 looks and sounds better than ever on PS3, but the real deciding factor about any game in the series is the track list - and there's no exception here."

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