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Christian Group Thinks Army Of Two Is Totally Gay

A common joke among gamers who have played <I>Army of Two</i> is that the two main characters, a duo of mercenaries, are homosexual lovers. A conservative Christian group has just released a holiday shopping guide for parents that agrees with the theory. (Army of Two, Culture, PS3, Xbox 360)

Credit url: gamepolitics.com
EvilCackle  +   2297d ago
I thought this was a joke when I first heard about it. Rick Astley didn't pop up when I visited the consumer report though so it's apparently legit.
bomboclaat_gamer  +   2297d ago
the game itself is gay. real gay. as gay as the rainbow
EvilCackle  +   2297d ago
Speaking of rainbows, the conservative group's report also bashed "Bully" for having "gay Achievements."
AngryHippo  +   2297d ago
Are they being serious?!
....i thought it was a joke. 'A conservative Christian group has just released a holiday shopping guide for parents that agrees with the theory'. lol
Dark_Overlord  +   2297d ago
Timothy Plan
really are a joke, sh1t I suppose R2 is gay as well because you spend a lot of time with at least 3 other men
AngryHippo  +   2297d ago
...don't forget all the Call of Duty games, no women, its an all out sausage fest.
Dark_Overlord  +   2297d ago
and don't forget
LBP with all that talk about 'sacks' and they way you can touch the other players
EvilCackle  +   2297d ago
At least Left 4 Dead had the good sense to include a woman in the quartet. Ya know, for appearance's sake.
gaminoz  +   2297d ago
This was already posted with the full "offensive list" and a discussion in this article:


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