White Knight Chronicles to Have Built-in SNS

News of an online multiplayer party mode for White Knight Chronicles was one of Sony's biggest announcements at October's Tokyo Game Show. But they forgot to mention one big feature. In addition to online play, White Knight Chronicles will include a built-in social network service.

Announced today at a pre-launch event in Tokyo, the built-in SNS is formally known as "GeoNet." This area of the game has all the features you'd expect of an SNS, including friend lists, a journal with comment functionality, and messaging. The service also keeps track of who's reading your content, so you can see if your journal is popular.

This is just one feature of what should be a feature-rich RPG. Developer Level-5 is even giving the game content off the Blu-ray disc! Today, the White Knight site was updated with a web comic, White Knight Chronicles: Episode 0 Dogma Wars (this is an English translation of the Japanese name, Shirokishi Monogatari: Epsiode 0 Dogma Senki). This comic tells the story of a battle that took place 10,000 years prior to the game. You can see the Japanese version for yourself at the White Knight official site under the "Special" section.

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chaosatom3655d ago

good name + good Company + plus Innovation = gold

hotdawg3655d ago

The Japanese are going to eat this game up shrink wrap and all!!

Nineball21123655d ago

This game seems to be heading for "great game" status.

I'm looking forward to it's release.

aftrdark213655d ago

about this game. The more I want it. I think the online multiplayer sealed the deal for me. Day, 1, purchase!

Game On!

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nos4speed3655d ago

Wow, level 5 are doing such a great job with this game. Im really looking forward to playing this and anything else they do in the future.

Asurastrike3655d ago

Awesome, wish they would bring the Dragon Quest games back to PS hardware though.

TheColbertinator3655d ago

That is cool.I hope the SNS is implemeted well into the game.Voice chat might not make it though