411Mania Review: Left 4 Dead

411Mania writes: "Left 4 Dead is a co-operative first-person shooter set two weeks after all semblance of humanity is extinguished at the hands of relentless "infected" zombies. Save for four survivors, nobody remains. "Starring" as either Louis, a wise-cracking office worker, Francis, a tough biker, Zoey, a young woman from a wealthy family, and Bill, a hardened Vietnam vet, you're placed with three other human or A.I.-controlled characters in a cinematic backdrop playing to such films as Snyder's Dawn of the Dead remake, and 28 Days Later. Armed with shotguns and machine guns, make-shift pipebombs and Molotov cocktails, your task isn't to combat the infinite hordes of rampaging undead, but to simply survive. A simple plot, yet very effective."

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