Video games make killing even in bleak season

The economy is in the doldrums, and shoppers everywhere are cutting back on spending. Yet in stores and web outlets selling video games, times have rarely been better.

Thanks to the spread of video games to older demographics, to the mature product cycle of all three leading game consoles, and to the incredible popularity of the sector-changing Nintendo Wii, the video game industry is bucking the recession.

From harried housewives getting in some exercise on the Wii Fit to teeny-boppers playing along with bands on music games, or hardcore gamers enjoying the spectacularly immersive effects of titles like Gears of War 2, the industry is offering something for everyone at relatively modest prices.

That assertion may surprise those who think that splashing out 50 dollars or more per game and hundreds of dollars for a console is a bit excessive. But when you figure out how long a successful game can hold a player's attention, the investment seems a lot more worthwhile.

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thewolf53656d ago (Edited 3656d ago )

can somebody link me to that pic in the article?, i want to see the whole thing and save it, i remember seein it at spencers, i luv that pic

EDIT: nvm i found it, lol

yamamoto1143655d ago

Apparently the person who wrote this article hasn't looked up stocks for any of the major developers or publishers lately...