Netflix Blu-ray adoption quicker than expected

Netflix chief financial officer Barry McCarthy said today that the company's subscribers have added the option of receiving Blu-ray Disc titles at a quicker rate than Netflix forecast in October.

McCarthy added that revenue gains amid the U.S. economic slump have allowed the company to spend more on marketing than it forecast.

Speaking at the UBS Global Media and Communications Conference, McCarthy said Netflix already surpassed its year-end goal of having 500,000 subscribers pay an extra $1 a month for the option of renting Blu-ray titles. The company expects to have about 9 million total subscribers by the end of the year.

Separately, Netflix chief content officer Ted Sarandos, speaking in Los Angeles on Monday, confirmed the 500,000 Blu-ray subscribers and said the retailer will promote Blu-ray inside its mailing envelopes next year.

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INehalemEXI3632d ago

I use it its worth it for just a buck more a month.

fuzon3632d ago

Blu Ray dominance is waranteed in 2009 worldwide

as for DD it is dead just like HD DVD -0.5% of total movie sales
poor Microsoft

JOLLY13632d ago

You just got on this website and you are already a trainee in less than an hour of joining. It's too bad you will lose all those bubbles so fast again.

SL1M DADDY3632d ago

From all of the FUD spread here at N4G about BD lately, you would think that BD was dying, not succeeding as shown in this article. I for one am part of the BD subscribers at Netflix. It's great. Seeing the Dark Knight in full HD made me cry tears of joy last night. Too bad the haters can't get past themselves and admit that BD is the only way to go if you want to see any movie in its best viewing quality.

arika3632d ago

i just bought the darknight and its absolutely majestic! if you have an HDTV the only way to truly appreciate its beauty is to play some awesome bluray disc on it and of course with the best bluray player around, the PS3. nuff said!

OOG3632d ago

"Poor fuzon (dang that sounds a little like nasim)"

Probably becuase it most likely is...its a new account that has already got a trainee crank....typical lol

mikeslemonade3632d ago

It use to be same price. Before you didn't have to pay a premium of $1 for blu-ray.

Sarcasm3632d ago


Who in the flying world is Nasim? Why does that infamous person keep popping up in the most random articles?

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fuzon3632d ago

well that was always on the cards
for those who are unaware Blu Ray has overtaken DVD in Japan since first week of Novemeber

Dark Knight sold 127000 copies on its launch day in UK . It might have done another 500k on launch day in europe

as for US numbers it could well be a million day 1. If not then DEFINITELY a million by the end of the week


AngryHippo3632d ago (Edited 3632d ago )

....that has sold more copies on blu ray than dvd?! I seriously doubt it. I am not saying blu ray is not the future, i am sure it will be. I just cant see blu ray taking over dvd for at least another two years to become the most dominant format on the market. Also please dont be one of those annoying people that keep preaching numbers, 'copy and pasting' the same statements over and over again in every article remotely related to blu ray. You doing that will not make blu ray overtake dvd any quicker.

Edit @ ultimolu - really?!, thats impressive. Do you have a link stating the sales to this date showing that Iron man sales on blu ray exceeded it on dvd. If you can provide a link i would be most greatful.

candystop3632d ago

You guys are a bunch of fools making such bold claims. 1st off the link hero provided was for amazon and was before the movie even freaking came out. Show some real numbers like as of today which sold more. You Sony fanboys I swear are the worst group of gamers ever created.

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AngryHippo3632d ago

...under the name of 'Tanod'? That is a genuine question by the way, just wondering, your writting style seems similar.

Bon Scott3632d ago (Edited 3632d ago )


VHS into DVD into DD........that's the ticket!

Why o why3632d ago

you will miss a lot of movies with that asinine attitude. Blu ray is here to stay. Over time it will be number 1. You must really be seething

Nathan Drake3632d ago

Are you telling me that your physical media rental service is much more thriving than your digital streaming service :O ?!?

I was under the impression that digital downloads were king!

/an incredible amount of sarcasm

Nineball21123632d ago

Yeah, I found that kind of ironic too. :-)

NipGrip3632d ago

Bluray is dead. Won't make it past Christmas. Time for Sony to fold up shop.

I'm being sarcastic of course here. Agree if you are also tired of hearing that tripe in the midst of BR doing fine for itself. Can't wait to hear the Dark Knight BR numbers.

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