IncGamers: LocoRoco 2

Paul Govan rolls on with this game, giving his impressions of the sequel.

Govan writes: "LocoRoco 2 sensibly continues the simple story and minimal controls introduced in the first game.LocoRoco 2 The PSP's Left and Right trigger buttons are used to tilt, holding them both down to jump, and the O button is used for everything else. The simplicity of this interaction perfectly matches the smooth, shaded lines of the game's art style. This really is gaming for the iPod generation - where every corner is rounded and every blade of grass suitably coiffeured."

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martynmj3659d ago

Looks like one of the best games of the year!

Leord3659d ago

Sometimes, the simpler the game, the better. I say sometimes, it does need some depth as well...

Dorjan3659d ago

Sounds fun!

Something that is missed by a lot of developers these days...

meepmoopmeep3659d ago

can't wait to get this. it's been a while i've bought a PSP game