Eurogamer Interview: Fable II Post-Mortem

You may think you know everything about Peter Molyneux by now, but did you know he once chatted up a ghost's girlfriend and then killed her in front of him? You may think you've heard everything about Fable II, but do you really know why it only has one save slot? Or which two simple things could have improved the co-op?

With a first round of DLC on the way, Eurogamer sat down with the Lionhead boss to see how he feels about the company's latest game. SPOILER ALERT: if you haven't finished Fable 2 yet and don't like spoilers, you might want to give this one a miss - at least for now.

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jadenkorri3632d ago

personally, i enjoyed the game up until the ending, the game ended out of nowhere and like some people my dog is dead forever... I drank the trasngender potion...yay...great "autosave" right after...THXS... in my mind the game failed in comparison from the first one, thou my experience is only with the pc version Lost Chapters which i really that dlc is coming, i may pick up Fable 2 again, but my main consern is what exactly will we do in this dlc, just run around the same and do some hoping for finding a new dog, theres some quests that u can't do from the original unless you have a dog...i followed online tutorials, it won't let me dig unless the dog finds it...anyways some bugs in the game and epic failure. Ive finsihed infinite undiscovery recently, so now moving on to lost odysey...