Black/Orange Half-Life 2 boxes unveiled

Electronic Arts and Valve have announced full details of the forthcoming Black Box and Orange Box Half-Life 2 collections.

The Orange Box and The Black Box are the latest releases in the Half-Life saga set for release in winter 2007. Both appear on PC and The Orange Box will also be released for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

The Black Box contains Half-Life 2: Episode Two, Portal and Team Fortress 2. The Orange Box, available for PC and consoles features Half-Life 2, HL2: Episode One, HL2: Episode Two, Portal and Team Fortress 2.

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benny o klaatt4327d ago

winter??? why why why? thought it was spring/summer. im gutted if this true

The great 14327d ago

Seriously there is lots of better games than Half Life 2, it's living of the rep of the origional which was released the better half of a decade ago.

Rooted_Dust4327d ago

Thats why it received more than 35 Game of The Year awards. The only game that is living off the hype of it's predecessors is HALO. The only thing this proves is that episodic content doesn't work unless you can roll out an episode every half-year. Since this is Valve I'm sure they won't dissapoint with content, better then waiting another six years for a sequel.

The great 14326d ago

That wasen't meant to be fanboyish, it was a matter of my opinion, i never said it wasen't a good game i said it's seriously overated, anybody can see that, i've played through the game and decided that myself, i don't have to listen to some critic suckingup to the franchise because of it's name, yea we know this game took ages to make and it was good, but not that good, anybody who bashes an RPG but likes this game is contradicting thereselves a little, this game is an FPS but isisn't that fun as a FPS, but concentrates a lot on story which is fair, my point is this game is praised for being a FPS when infact it's not that great as a FPS, more like a good game all round, that's why i say it's overated.

Syko4327d ago

I had to smack myself two times after watching the Portal trailer on XBL, That game is gonna be amazing probably the sleeper of the holiday's plus HL2 and TF2 come on. For this I will wait.

Remember: There is a hole in the sky, Through which things can fly.

OutpostCommand4326d ago (Edited 4326d ago )

The first time I watched that video,
i thought to myself why they didnt use
"Remember: there is a hole in the wal, through which things can fall"
I think that sounds better :-x