World starts knitting as demand for Sackboy sky-rockets

The entire World has started knitting, Little BIG Planetoid can today exclusively confirm. With Christmas just a few weeks away, the demand for Sackboys has sky-rocketed.

With so few official Sackboy plushies available, the ones that are around are being fiercely bid for on popular auction site eBay, with some prices reaching in excess of £30.

Keen to exploit the demand, Little Big Planet fans worldwide are now rapidly exchanging knitting patterns, bags of wool and nice cups of tea with Jammie Dodgers, in order to make their own Sackboys and reap the rewards.

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Austin_SJ3659d ago

You can buy a marcus fenix toy in 90% of the games shops near me, and yet you can't get a real sackboy? Perfect opportunity for mercandising here Sony, I would have bought one with the zombie colours for sure.

tonynibbles3659d ago

They really need to get on the case and make them already. Christmas would have been the ideal opportunity - they've had years to prepare...

xboxrumble3659d ago (Edited 3659d ago )

i don't mind "figurines" though.

Timesplitter143659d ago

Personally, I stopped playing with ''figurines'' too

sackboy says hi3659d ago

Sack boy doll sky rockets.!!!... BUT

LBP game sales are still very poor :'(

christian hour3659d ago

This article isn't far off. My girlfriend took up knitting a few weeks ago for the sole purpose of knitting me a sackboy :P haha. She says thats why shes doing it, but i can tell she just wans one for herself :P

deeznuts3659d ago

Col. Sandurz:
Lord Helmet!
Dark Helmet:
Col. Sandurz:
You're needed on the bridge, sir.
Dark Helmet:
Knock on my door! Knock next time!
Col. Sandurz:
Yes, sir.
Dark Helmet:
Did you see anything?!
Col. Sandurz:
No, sir! I didn't see you playing with your dolls again.

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mrdxpr23659d ago (Edited 3659d ago )

well i found it hard to fined the game monday had to go another store to get the only game of LBP available :( but it seems its selling in christmas i love it... and i want the plush :( not fair

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The story is too old to be commented.