Why You Should Stop Buying Your Computers Fully Loaded

Hard economic times require that Gizmodo think more closely about how our money is spent. When it comes to computers, Prof. Dealzmodo has a philosophy: build it and values will come.

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FantasyStar3661d ago

Building your own computer will always yield better results because you pay only for the parts and not for the buffered expenses most PC makers would charge you. The only problem is warranty and ease of mind. Most people still buy pre-built machines with bloatware because it's an all-in-one package and there's little thinking involved. If you have a problem, you can call their shoddy technical support and at least have a shot at someone trying to help you out. And the best part is that warranty covers the whole PC including what's on the HDD - MSWord '07 isn't working out of the box? Send it back and they'll give you a new one under warranty. The only problem Custom PCs ever see is the fact that you assume all responsibility. Sure there's the individual parts that are covered under warranty and most peripheral makers do offer technical support, however it's up to you to call each and every one of them.

Pre-built PCs provide ease-of-mind, while Custom PCs provide the best value for your dollar. It all boils down to how much you know about PCs. PC Enthusiasts will always choose to build their own PCs every single time unless someone like Dell provides a deal on a bulk that's useful to you.

I can see myself buying up 40 Dell Workstations for $200 each instead of building my own because I can avoid the hassle of maintaining each individual terminal due to warranty. By the way, I would probably use the 40 Workstations to make a [email protected] farm. But you see that pre-built vs. Custom is a tug-o-war sometimes because warranty-coverage alone can make a big decision-making impact.

JsonHenry3661d ago

I build my own PCs. And I own a copy of the very few things I need. The rest are available in some free (LEGAL) form. Such as Open Office or NOD32 or GOM player.

SaiyanFury3661d ago

Of course building your own PC is the best value. There's no huge markup on hardware and you decide what software goes onto it. Of course you're not paying for the preinstalled OS either so you save there as well.