How survival horror evolved itself into extinction

As someone who grew up among the PlayStation generation, survival horror is a genre Destructoid is incredibly familiar with. Although Resident Evil was predated by such titles as Sweet Home and Alone in the Dark, it was Capcom's PSX zombie thriller that put survival horror on the map, and ensnared many gamers my age.

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0verdrive3656d ago

in my opinion, excellent analysis of the degradation of the survival horror genre.

i just picked up l4d on pc, and although its fun, it lacks the tenseness and "run out of ammo" feeling and really is quite limited in gameplay, although i appreciate what valve has done with it. it sucks, because theres a lot that l4d did right, imo, but theres also a lot it didnt do. it sucks because the zombie thing is kinda saturated, and the more titles that are put out that dont do it right, the less chance a new one has of geting it right.


Nothing happend to survial horror.Its just FPS rules the games market now and that is what almost all gamers want.

SSJSubgeta3656d ago

I watched RE;D and I kinda wish that would of been a game for the PS2 or even the PS3. Even in theory if the game wasn't next gen but the story seemed fun. It brought me back fond memories with RE franchise from back in the day.

I'll probably bring out RE:2 and play it.

P.S. For those who watched the movie, Do you think Capcom will make/bring back the RE series? Having other city's go thru the same process as Raccoon City?

JsonHenry3655d ago

I played ever RE to date for every system. And although I do like tense moments were you run low on ammo and have someone chasing you through multiple rooms like in RE3, I also like the way RE4 played. Now if we can find a better way to mix the two plays styles... we have a winner!

evrfighter3655d ago

survival horror and zombies evolved into something we are now calling left 4 dead. It's sales numbers show that survival horror and zombies are far from dead.

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hay3656d ago

I think survival horror is getting in wrong direction. Getting more shooter-like to appeal broader audience or just evolving not how it should.
I think it is possible to make a good horror game without difficult controls which won't loose it's feeling. Honestly, I miss those good ol' zombies, resistant to gunfire, slow, moaning.
Personally I prefered traditional zombies than Las Plagas infection or those hyperactive undead in L4D.

Hellsvacancy3656d ago

I dont think it has at all i recently bought Dead Space and its the best survival horror game ive EVER played possibly the best game ive played this gen

I think i must b the only person on the plannet who isnt hyped for Res5, i will play it in time but ive got more interesting things to do b4 i do like watchin paint dry - Zombies with weapons COME ON!!!

Dragunov3656d ago

How im miss the PS1 resident evils, RE4 was good as silly action game, like gears of war, etc.. but no survival and no horror there.

I don't have high hopes in RE5, will be a RE4 in hd and with co-op, maybe a rent or bargain for me

Bob Dole3656d ago

Bob Dole still has Resident Evil 3 for the PS. He plays it every once in a while just to remember the good ole' days of offin' cannibalistic retards with machine guns.

meepmoopmeep3656d ago

Siren:BC is a good game.

scary game if you want scary.

ToastyMcNibbles3656d ago

siren is awesome and so is dead space...siren is a perfect example of survival horror while others like dead space, re4, upcoming re5 and FEAR are scary shooters...i enjoyed re4 and definitely look forward to re5 but i definitely feel the "survival horror" aspect of resident evil is was actually gone to me since re3...re0 re1 and re2 were all awesome with my favorite being the re1 remake on gamecube damn i loved that game

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