Does the Windows 7 team have too much Apple envy? Readers weigh in

Mary Jo Foley of ZNet writes: "A quick recap: Blogger Paul Thurrott recently raised the issue of what constitutes simple (vs. easy) when it comes to operating-system interfaces. Like Thurrott, I worry that Microsoft's Apple envy is leading the Windows team to make some UI choices that could potentially result in Windows 7 looking and working more like Mac OS X than like Windows."

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badz1493633d ago

Windows OS were always Mac-oriented! Will Windows 7 be any different? NO! but will it work like a Mac? NO! maybe the interface will be like Mac but it will work like any other Windows. it's not a direct ctrl+C & ctrl+V

Lord Anubis3633d ago

it would be cynical of Microsoft to Ctrl A + Ctrl C + Ctrl V and branded Windows Ultimate

FantasyStar3633d ago (Edited 3633d ago )

What? Is there an acronym somewhere in deep hiding? I'm not seeing it.

EDIT: I think I got it "Control "A"ll of your "C"omputers with "V"ista?"

ofx3603633d ago

Ctrl A: Select all
Ctrl C: Copy
Ctrl V: Paste


ofx3603633d ago

When was copying macs OS a bad thing. Last i checked Leapord is one kick ass OS. The best thing MS can do is copy a few things here and there and make it into a more mainstream product like they always try to do. All i really want is better performance with day to day things like editing programs and such but if they add more functionality and make it more intuitive as well, i'll be fine with that too. Gaming obviously is also important but they have that market all to themselves(in the computer arena at least).

FrankenLife3633d ago

Anyone else remember the whole MS spy at apple way back during the DOS days. Apple created the first image based interface. MS had a spy at apple and copied them to create Windows. What is so different today? OS X is my OS of choice. I have Windows too, but I hate using it. They are just trying to keep up in the marketplace.

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snoop_dizzle3633d ago (Edited 3633d ago )

I dont really mind if it is lol. I was thinking of getting rid of XP(it runs pretty well in bootcamp on my mbp but still gives me issues) and go to vista with SP2 in bootcamp, or use linux, but I might just wait untill windows 7 to upgrade, and wait to build a gaming rig then as well.

jcfilth3633d ago

What would you expect from Microsoft.

Microsoft=Lack of innovation

slinkey1233632d ago

a few of my friends have the windows 7 beta and they say its actually very good! runs alot faster than vista on less powerful machines. Maybe M$ might have actually made this OS good?

Anyway i really dont understand why people think windows copies OSX, the layout and colours are completely different!!!

Still i think OSX looks a lot nicer than vista.

No FanS Land3632d ago

hey, windows will never look like Mac. mac is unix based and has no virus...

uckitsayitchbay3632d ago

No Viruses..... Next you'll probably tell me OSX never crashes LMAO!!! seriously i have my cousins Mac Pro after he was sent to iraq and I freaking hate mac's the computer crashes 2 or 3 times per week on average. even my vista rig doesn't have that kind of average.. come to think of it my vista ult.x64 hasn't crashed in months. i'm actually posting from his.. Vista with dx10 for the win.. unless you want a 2500 dollar photo/video editing computer that cant play games and is not upgradeable at all except for maybe the HDD but i dont even know about that

PS with vista i can edit photos and movies just as well as with This Pile... someone please for the love of god tell me why mac people are so uppity and think they are so much better.. Give me 5 good reasons why OSX is better than vista if there even are 5 lol i await the PM's