Purr Pals (Nintenkittens, basically) announcend for DS

It seems everyone is jumping on the bandwagon of loveable virtual pets on the handheld from Nintendo these days. First Nintendogs, then GoPets just a few days ago and now Purr Pals from Crave Entertainment. Purr Pals focuses on only kittens and allows you to adopt, care for and raise your little playmate.

You can choose your kitten from a huge 40 breeds, each with their own personalities. It will respond to your voice through the built in microphone and interact with the environment that you provide. You earn an allowance which lets you buy toys and accessories for your kitten.

Some more features include the following …

(couldn't find any Purr Pals images, so Nintendogs will have to do. Sounds like a clone anyway!)

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