Star Wars: TOR to be microtransaction-based

Publisher Electronic Arts today classified BioWare's upcoming Star Wars MMO The Old Republic as a "microtransaction-based" title, indicating that the game will include alternative financial models other than a subscription fee.

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Ghoul3653d ago

In other words,

EA today announced they found a way to leech even more money from your wallet without you taking notice.

TornRaptor3653d ago

They have been doing such things in Korea and Japan for years and there consumers don't seem to have a problem with it.
I don't think it really mattered what EA announced you still would have had a stick up your ar$e and put them down for no reason,
EA has been making changes over the last year and most of them for the good. Activision is the new EA, not because they are bigger, but because they are falling into the same practices that caused EA to earn such a bad reputation the first time around.

Ghoul3653d ago (Edited 3653d ago )

another nice unpolite offensive post without reason

Guess what i like ea,
guess what i buy ea,
guess what i support ea.

but that doesnt matter the fact that ea is horrible when it comes to microtransaktion.

Korean games work yes, but they dont nikle and dime you for everything.
most games come free and then you pay for stuff.

but you will pay your normal 60 bucks for the game and then additional cash for ingame content.

EA is a profit driven company (wich is ok) but not in this case because ea wouldnt take such steps if it wouldnt mean much more income then a regular monthly fee.

3653d ago
valdothegreat3608d ago

Nope, this is not actually the way this game is going to work. It's already been officially stated that this article is incorrect by EA representatives.

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Panthers3653d ago

Sounds like a good alternative to monthly payments. If I dont want something, I dont have to buy it.

Bolts3653d ago

This is fine until you realize that your light saber is only good for slicing butter unless you upgrade it for $5.99, after which its only good for opening envelops. To really kill anything you'll need to go down the full upgrade path for $30.

Senden3653d ago

This move is TERRIBLE!! What this means is that it's basically a free to play game. Look at all the other free to play mmos there are, it's filled with little 12 year old morons. When I first heard about this game, I was super psyched.. more so than any other game but everything i've read about this game, it's being made as a cashcow without a thought to either star wars or mmo fans.

fatfoogoo3652d ago

Shacknews has since been contacted by EA and stated that John's comments are a simple misunderstanding.

Misunderstanding or not, EA's clearly interested in the free-to-play space (Battlefield Heroes), and the western market is in dire need of a successful microtransaction based game. The Eastern market has had them for years (as TornRaptor points out), but there's yet to be a 'winner' in the west. Yet. Who's to say that this couldn't be the one to rise above the crowd?

valdothegreat3608d ago

Once again, I'd like to say this was a misunderstanding. This news post is untrue.

I don't understand why this article is still up, just another of the many sterling examples of extremely sub par gaming news websites.