Evil Avatar: Resistance 2 Review

Evil Avatar writes: "The PS3's other big first person shooter franchise returns with it's second game and that is perhaps it's biggest problem.

Resistance: Fall of Man was one of the few launch titles worth buying for Sony's latest console. Although opinion was somewhat divided the general consensus was that it was worth playing and, importantly for the fledgling console, gave the brand a valuable exclusive. After success with new Ratchet & Clank titles Insomniac has returned to the period piece with new gusto and a bigger focus on...big!"

The Good

* Chaotic firefights deliver loud, smashy fun.
* The cool weapons make a return with a few new additions.
* Online play is silky smooth and very robust.

The Bad

* Locations are bland and feel second-rate.
* Co-operative campaign has been hyped a little too much.
* Scale is a poor compensation for passionate, innovative design.

The Ugly

* The charm has been completely sucked out of the series.

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SAiOSiN3653d ago

y are u so upbeat about a low profile review site??? it's one man's OPINION. it only matters if u enjoy the game.

Mcrmarcher3653d ago

Judge games for yourself, not some random person's who may have totally different gaming tastes to yours, if interested rent em, cheaper that way.

Dipso3653d ago

Sick of hearing people complain about the "cheap" kills of the Chameleons, I'm all for innovation in gaming but I loved the old school trial and error instant kills they brought to the game. Most of us older gamers cut our teeth on similar mechanics, a era when poor timing cost you your gaming lifes. I certainly never saw enough death screens at the hands of the Chameleons to frustrate me in the least. A lot of gamers today expect continuous progression through a game with minimal setbacks, I'm finding the vast majority of them too easy.
Insomniac made the mistake of listening to lightweight reviewers complaints about checkpoint sparsity in R:FOM and made R2 far too easy by placing checkpoints after even the most minor skirmish. To those reviewers I say grow some, I want my 10 hours of content to last me 15-20 through challenge, trial and error..otherwise there is no sense of accomplishment.