Gametrailers: Brutal Legend VGA Debut Trailer

The new Brutal Legend trailer on Gametrailers. Full preview of Brutal Legend will be on December 14th on Gametrailers.

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RaggleFraggle3661d ago

It isn't even classified as a trailer... more of a commercial, and isn't Brütal Legend canceled?

Rick AstIey3661d ago

...Apparently not. New trailer coming December 14th.

T-Baggins3661d ago (Edited 3661d ago )

Wow, do halve the people who post here live under a rock, none of the games Activision dropped were canceled just delayed all but Leisure Suite Larry and WET have been picked up by a new publisher and I would expect that if someone picked up the piece of sh!t 50cent game then these will get publishers soon.
And if you want to state "I didn't care about the game that's why I'm so oblivious" then why did you post.

psman012 - this is not directed towards you, you were right.