Is 2008 Really the Best Year Ever for Video Games?

Chris Suellentrop writes:

"Dear N'Gai, Seth, and Stephen,

I'm honored to welcome you-three of the smartest video game writers in the country and in Blogistan-back for Slate's second Gaming Club, the magazine's now-annual look at the year in games. As someone who spent 2008 on hiatus from formal game criticism, I'm especially grateful to be invited back inside the sacristy. I hope to act as an engaged moderator of this year's discussion, but I'm probably too much of a blowhard to pull that off and will instead end up posing as the Anton Ego of the Xbox.

Let me start off by picking a fight. Over at MTV's Multiplayer, Stephen has already asserted that 2008 is the best year in gaming history, even better than 2007 (my pick for Best Year Evuh!!!) and 2001 (his other contender)."

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sinny3661d ago

2001 was a better year than 2008 by far.

NaiNaiNai3661d ago

no such thing as the best year for games. T_T you cant judge what year is best, cause when you try to go back and play those "amazing" games from the past you go, god this feels like crap. thats the reason, every year is a better year. >.> unless your a idiot fanboy stuck in the past and cant look to the future.

Cwalat3661d ago


yeah true..
by the looks of it, i can already say 2009 will be a better year...
Resident Evil 5, Killzone 2...

....and many many many many many many many more games ...

Mahr3661d ago (Edited 3661d ago )

"Is 2008 Really the Best Year Ever for Video Games?"

Short answer: No.


SullyDrake3661d ago

Long answer: Not by much, but yes.

Harry1903661d ago

all the games, why even write this article without having valid arguments. He/She constructs something only to contradict himself/herself at the end.

Smacktard3661d ago

Eww. 2008 the best year ever for video games? Not by a long shot.

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