Rumor: Gears of War 3 in Development for Fall 2010

The latest EGM has a rather juicy rumor. Seems that Cliff and the guys at Epic are already hard at work on Gears of War 3 for the Xbox 360. Word is there are plenty of tweaks in the works to the engine and a new 5 player co-op experience. If true, Microsoft has at least another sure fire hit for next fall.


[edited] news post editing, it's actually fall 2010.

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Danja3597d ago

well that would be good for M$ if they can get Gears 3 out next year , but if they're gonna be using the same engine then I fear they're wont be much improvement over Gears 2

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Mikelarry3597d ago

the multiplayer is gonna play like gears of war 2 then i think ill pass till it becomes dirt cheap

SuperM3597d ago

Lets hope they dont rush it, they will need more then a year to finish both versions of the game :P

rhood0223597d ago

They could use the exact same engine and do nothing to the game other than rework some levels (I mean, so far the Gears universe as been contained to a few key locations so it's not like they would have to create all new environments). All they would really need to do is make new cut scenes and maybe add some new weapons and it's definitely possible for a year turnaround.

However, even if they don't add anything new other than the 5 player co-op, and it is literally "Gears 2.5" it'll still be considered the second coming.

SullyDrake3597d ago

Because Halo Wars (ROFL) is all they have for 2009.

Rhoic3597d ago

And Splinter Cell, Halo 3: ODST, Star Ocean, Alan Wake, Mass Effect, Forza Motorsport, Ninja Blade, Velvet Assassin, Huxley, etc.

And lulz... SOULJA BOY!

SullyDrake3597d ago

Splinter Cell: Conviction, Mass Effect 2, and Star Ocean IV are not 100% confirmed exclusives, and the rest don't matter.

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gaffyh3597d ago

It will be 2010, unless they use the exact same engine and graphics they have now.

MiloGarret3597d ago

From the article:

"[EDIT] - Seems it’s not 09 but 2010, which sure as hell makes a lot more sense. Well nice to know that the 360 has at least 2 more years in it."

There, now quiet.

likedamaster3597d ago (Edited 3597d ago )

You are such a fanboy. So why is the crappy Unreal Engine 3 licensed so much? It's been updated since Gears 1 on PC, and Gears 2 is running on an updated version(you wouldn't know), higher polygons on all characters, vehicles, weapons, environments, etc. not to mention destructible environments and all that jazz. The unreal engine doesn't chill and stagnate it evolves. Also, Unreal Engine 4 should be ready by next gen(soon). Gears 3 is not coming next year as the update now states, God forbid! we are still playing Gears 2.

A reminder to all fanboys: Gears 2 recently hit 3 million sold mark in four weeks, while Gears 1 hit that number in 10 weeks. Good for you Microsoft and of course Epic!

Danja3597d ago

UE3 is outdated dude...if they made Gears using the same engine they did for GEARS 2 obviously the game wouldn't be much of an improvement over Gears's a known fact..

Gears 2 wasn't even that much of an improvement over the 1st Gears graphical other than it had better lighting and more colors and bigger environments..destructible environments and vehicles...which can be found in just about every other war game...

and I made my comment before the article was updated , and I didn't state ne thing bad about the game....and I will say it again the UE3 is OUTDATED..!!!

mikeslemonade3597d ago

HAHA Gears 1.9 is coming out in Fall 2010. I don't see how it will look any better than Gears "2". What can they really add? The difference is Resistance 3 will be bigger and look better because the PS3 right now is only using less 60% power.

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vhero3596d ago

who cares when its out as its gonna be multi platform as MS only had a license for 2 games as they didn't think the series was gonna be so big hahaha btw before you fanboys start that was a FACT google it.

BattleAxe3596d ago

I wonder when they'll anounce the PS3 version........

Koolaid3596d ago

The people saying "oh it won't look any better than gears 2" are idiots. I'm guessing those people are ps3 fanboys, and don't even play gears. If so, then your opinion in this topic means jack anyway. If you were a gears fan, you wouldn't even care. I couldn't care less if it looks the same as Gears 2. I don't care if it only has one new gameplay machanic. If it aint broke don't fix it. Gears is awesome. End of. Epic will no doubt top the Gears 2 campaign. You ps3 people can say what you want, every point you try and make is pathetic. You don't have a leg to stand on. I'll be enjoying Gears 3 when it comes, along with millions of others.

interrergator3596d ago

hope the ending is alot better and hope and the multiplayer could use a little work

RemmM3596d ago

They are just rushing out sequals to make more $$$$! Its a waste.. especially on the 360. They should wait for the X Box 720.

ia_studio3596d ago

check this if you want to know what gears 2 is.

it's a video from JohnnyUtah you'll like it

LevDog3596d ago

HAHAHAHA at above.. Thats hella funny..

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TheColbertinator3597d ago

Nice juicy rumor there.Hope its good

ps3Owns3603597d ago

360 only have gears to seriously 360 only have gears 2 and fable 2.SONY BUY THE COMPANY EpiC!.OR HAVE A RELATIONSHIP with them.then epic can show the real limits of gears 3 on the ps3 engine.cliffy is a ps3 fan but again he has to obey his contract with yesterday on G4 channel cliffy said he would love to put gears 3 on ps3 to show all of his ideas that cannot be showed on 360.

jcfilth3597d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

and coming to PS3 :o lol

It will be a rushed mediocre game with nothing new or innovative like every other 360 game, a move of desperation by Microsoft just to fill up a little that big empty space in 2009 of no games. They will not care if its mediocre or not since they know that, if their costumers were stupid enough to by a faulty console and pay to play, they would buy a game that adds nothing new or better than the others, they know the name will sell by itself along with their well known overhyped-marketing strategy.

BLUR1113596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )


and also they claim 360 will not have EXCLUSIVES in 2009. Oh but let's just let the year 2009 hit please and then what will they say next.

Capt CHAOS3596d ago

They are all sitting around, waiting for xmas to arrive. All 100 odd (or more people) just sitting around, drinking some sherry and mince pies.


I'd be surprised if atleast ONE person wasn't already working on the designs of gears of war 2, 3 months ago..

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Bon Scott3597d ago

Another devastating blow to the POS3 and the gaystation nation next fall.

Sucks to be a PS3 fanboy these days.LOLOLOL

SONYSLAVE3597d ago (Edited 3597d ago )

but hey we spin the heck out of n4g news we are still good right

TAKE ALL 360 USER BUBBLES AWAY NOW!!! hehe ps3rd rules we win

sales don't mean anything people just buy crap that aint a dr0id you xbugs fail in 2009 with alan wait.

RROD Xbots! RROD Now let me go and watch a anime porno

JAPAN FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!! >_<

ELite_Ghost3596d ago

stfu 1 bubble boys!!! LOL

Panthers3597d ago

Pumpin them out. I hate this. At least take enough time to make a significant upgrade.

SuperM3597d ago (Edited 3597d ago )

Yea 2009 sounds like atleast a year to early. Before we know it Gears of war is the new need4speed. It will sell like hotcakes though, but lets hope epic is not trying to take advantage of that and will make a significant upgrade instead.

Edit: I actually think they might just make some sort of expansion though for next year. Could be the Gears2 announcement on the VGA show. Tbh i think MS might be a little concerned about their lineup vs sony in 09, so it wouldnt surprise me if they pushed epic to make an expansion or something, so they have some more stuff to give out next year.

JeffGUNZ3596d ago

Well yeah, I expected a 3rd GoW when they said it was going to be a TRIOLOGY

shovelbum3596d ago

Now we know when the Xbox 720 releases - Fall 2010.

pixelsword3597d ago

Must be a new character, or the redshirt...

Either way, interesting development... and in '09 at that.