The Top 3 Glitches In Gears 2 That Douches Use And How You Can Fight Them

Steven "Genfuyung" writes:

"There will always be glitches in games. No matter how much work a developer puts into the game to get rid of them, they will always get out. Don't be discouraged though fellow gamer, all of these glitches can be beaten. It doesn't hurt that the only people who would need to glitch are those who are naturally awful at the game they are playing."

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rroded3268d ago

nothing like guys who abuse the game to ruin it

DiabloRising3268d ago

Reminds me of people who use lag switches and play CoD4. They talk so much crap in the lobby... then we hand them their asses, and they all run.

Nothing better than beating a cheater while they are cheating.

phosphor1123268d ago

Whats up with XBLive games and standbying >_< GRRR MS needs to ban those guys...have a special like..abuse report, not under cheating, but its own saying "Standbying" and get his ass banned...

3268d ago
solidsnakus3268d ago

nice guide ? did you even read it? all it says is to run away, and you cant do anything. the only helpfull part was throwing the ink nade in that generator place.

MiloGarret3268d ago

The ink grenade is not the only solution, boomshots, well placed tourque bow shots and regular explosive grenades work just as well.

Magic_The_Celt3268d ago (Edited 3268d ago )

Gears 2 was such a let down to everyone

the graphics where overhyped, the story was pathetic and the ending was almost identical to the first the online is filled with bugs and glitches.

Maybe next year huh Microsoft?

Deadman643268d ago

the graphics were pathetic? how so?

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The story is too old to be commented.