Xbox Live Gets Gore Police

Spong: You've got to love Microsoft's Xbox Live Video Marketplace - well, you don't have to, but you'd be a bit churlish not to. Why? Well, we are reliably informed by the chaps at Media Blasters that the cult hit and prize winning Japanese movie, Tokyo Gore Police will be hitting XBL on January 13th 2009 - the same day as the DVD release.

Don't know about TGP? Well, we think that NYAFF sums it up quite accurately, "This gleeful sci-fi destructo party mixes STARSHIP TROOPERS with ROBOCOP, then grafts the love child of Shinya Tsukamoto and David Cronenberg to its back, screaming with body horror, and douses itself in a waterfall of thick, bubbling gore. At the center of the maelstorm stands Eihi Shiina, who hasn't been seen in a film since Takashi Miike's 1999 masterpiece, AUDITION, torturing a poor salaryman for the crime of daring to love her. TOKYO GORE POLICE is a masterpiece (yes, we mean it!) full of filmic innovation, genre-busting weirdness and a desire to freak you out. Plus it's got a penis gun - our second one in two years!"

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