Dark Knight sells half a million on first day in UK

The latest Batman outing, The Dark Knight, sold over half a million copies on its debut day. 21% of which were Blu-ray.

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The gaming GOD3632d ago

When it's negative Blu Ray news you have no problem approving it as soon as possible and in record time. But when it's something positive about the format you want to say it's spam?

Legend of the double standard lives on....

Mr_Bun3632d ago (Edited 3632d ago )

Maybe the title should read "Only 21% of Dark Knight sales was on Blu-ray"...maybe then the article wouldn't get reported


"The DVD version sold almost 5x more than the Blu-ray version"...I'm sure that would have been approved in record time!!!

I guess the real problem is that no where in the article does it mention "Blu-ray is dead/dying" in order to keep the 360 fanboys happy

she00win993632d ago

look at all the jealous xbots reporting:
stop crying xbots. you seem to forget that we can also post industry news here..

The gaming GOD3632d ago

The funny thing is though, these are the same people that like to cry and moan the howl of "this is a sony fanboy site". This is a good example of how wrong that is.

Another example, remember when the 360 was outselling the ps3 for about 5 weeks in japan by about 1000 units per week, we saw tons of articles about it, and they were even approving duplicates. Yet now that things are back to normal in Japan, where are the ps3 tons of stories of it beating the 360 in Japan?

The point is, the next time someone says "this is a sony fanboy site", he/she needs to stop being in denial

darthv723632d ago

Regardless of the amount of bd is positive news for the movie overall. I think that is what the title properly reflects. "Dark Knight sells half a million on first day in UK"

It does not state dvd or bd it simply reflects the movie in general.

Darkseider3632d ago

Reading is your friend, no really it is.

From the article:

"The stats - from Official Charts Company data as revealed by the British Video Association - show that DVDs are still far outstripping Blu-ray sales with 21% of the 513,000 units sold on the next-gen format."

See the whole 21% of the 513,000 were BD sales or for the mathematically challenged, 107,730 BD copies.

ultimolu3632d ago

But OF COURSE it's supposed to spell doom and gloom!
Just like the so-called writers who piled on the minute word goes around that Sony are slashing 16,000 jobs. -___-

Danja3632d ago

this is great news...more than 100+k PPL bought it for Blu Ray in the UK alone on day one...

jadenkorri3632d ago

blu ray sold 21% of half a million on Dark Knight....are you guys seriously expecting blu ray to outsell DVD...In what sort of warped f**ked up mind do you have when dvd is the standard in every home now and blue ray being just a cpl years old...of course its gonna sell more on dvd, you should know that....its not math...its common sense...again i say it... take ur fanboy head out of your own a$$, breathe some fresh air and come to ur senses...

Tarasque3632d ago

Ok put it this way, for people that doesnt understand. How many Sold PS3's is there in the U.K.? Which is where sonys biggest install base is, and it sold a little over 100,000. If you want to clap your hands for a big win then so be it. But lets not resort back to old post from actually some people posting now that had a different tune before the release. Sorry i wont spend 25 bucks for something i might watch only one time.

BrianC62343632d ago

What's funny is if you read the report they act like Blu-ray sales of the movie are horrible. Blu-ray sales were only 21% of the total sales. That's bad? I assume this report is just for the UK or maybe Europe? I'm in California and I haven't bought my copy yet, on Blu-ray of course.

Tiberium3631d ago

A great movie deserves these great sales. You should be able to enjoy it whether it's in dvd or bluray.

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Mr_Bun3632d ago (Edited 3632d ago )

I love all the people reporting this article for being a "Movie"...this directly relates to the PS3, the article itself mentions the PS3, and I need a scientific calculator to count the numerous Blu-ray failing artilces that are approved almost daily

Pennywise3632d ago

Oh the hypocrisy continues to thicken.

Darkseider3632d ago

Amen to that brother. Hypocrisy runs deep in folks here.

On another note, something I learned when the whole fanboy thing started with the PS2/XBox. The camp that bashes openly the most and resorts to infantile name calling and spamming is generally the crowd that is supporting the lesser of the consoles. Using this observation I can only come to one conclusion and that is the XBox boys are in for another disappointment.

I refer to this observation simply due to the way the article is reported as spam. Whenever there is a positive Blu-Ray or Sony article posted it gets reported or bashed. Whenever there is an anti blu-ray or anti-Sony article it gets approved in record time.

Nineball21123632d ago

I agree 100%.

Technically, Home nor NXE is a "Game". Therefore, every article that has to do with either of them should be reported as spam, the reason being "not games".

Of course, that's silly because Home, NXE AND Blu-ray all are intertwined into this gens consoles.

TheColbertinator3632d ago

Jack007,PirateThom,and Le-Mo are not xbots.Le-Mo is a Sony droid,not sure about Jack and Pirate Thom is a hardcore PS3 fan.

Mr_Bun3632d ago (Edited 3632d ago )

Thom is being sarcastic...thus the part where he says "Sarcasm" for sak500/Chrissy...she just loves M$ sack so I expect as much from her

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3632d ago

I got the Blu-ray Film but it don't seem to work on my xBox 360??? WHY??? ;-D

Mr_Bun3632d ago

I just bought 2 @ lunch...1 for me and another as a Christmas present

locos853632d ago

Why would anyone disagree with Mr. Bun???

PimpHandHappy3632d ago

stop hating on ppl that cant see past PR

they are sick sick ppl

this is the time of givin

i bought Batman and im just waiting on a couple ppl to get here


I guess blueray has about 21% of the movie market share
well done Sony

Sitdown3632d ago

of it having 21% of the movie market........reality is, that assumption is inaccurate.

jadenkorri3632d ago

but whats funny is that bluray has the highest sales percentage in UK, as of July 2008, approx 60,943,912 people live in uk...with the average person now a days having a dvd player of some sort, lets say for argument sake that 40,000,000 have a dvd player of some sort...this is totally probably way off, but definitely way under, but lets stick with this even number, so 79% of half a million is 395000 Dark Knight sold, using proper math, gives us a 0.9875% of dvds sold to a 40 mill install base... As of dec 06, 08, according to a site, 1,709,632 ps3 have been sold, im gonna chalk that up to an even 5 million for blu ray players sold separately including ps3 of course, its easier using 21% of half a mill is 105,000 blu ray movies sold, using proper math we get 2.1% market compared to dvd is a serious blow to dvd. Yes my numbers are flawed, but they are accurate to a certain degree...