Games that Shot Themselves in the Foot

Some games just do not help themselves at all. Look at LittleBigPlanet. Over a year of monster hype. Rave reviews across the board. And then what happens at the release? Underwhelming marketing, plummeting chart positions and an overall feeling of "Was that it?"

Games are hampered by their own devs and publishers all the time. And it's not just about marketing. Whether it's through bad planning, one terrible decision or just being completely out of touch during development, many a game has been throttled by its parents before it's had the chance to live. It's sad even when it happens to mediocre titles and it's tragic when it happens to a good one. Here's a car crash run-down of some of the industry's biggest recent birthing failures.

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Nathan Drake3628d ago

Gamesradar,an affiliate of N4G that no one gives a damn about :)

Beast_Master3628d ago

I realize these are just opinions, but is it really fair to say games that have not been released yet like GT5 and Tekken 6, have shot themselves in the foot?

MNicholas3627d ago

Let's put up some side by side shots shall we?

Not only is GT5 pushing 3 times as many pixels per second it's doing so with vastly more detailed and better lit car models, vastly more realistic driving physics, and an overall far better reproduction of what it's like to actually drive cars.

Grid: 1280x720 @ 30fps: 27.7M pixels/sec
GT5: 1280x1080 @ 60fps: 82.9M pixels/sec

The only thing genuinely different and entertaining about Grid is crashing. The crashes are awesome. Seems this guys cares more about how the cars crash than how they accurately reproduce the style and dynamic capabilities of real cars. It's about arcade vs simulator.

What's more GT5 hasn't even been released yet! How can it have shot itself in the foot?

Lombax3627d ago


But shooting, about to shoot, or thoughts of purchasing a fire arm... maybe.

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3628d ago (Edited 3628d ago )

Enter ALL xBox 360 Games this year here '_ _ _ _ _'
(Well apart from the 'Rave reviews across the board' for the xBox 360 games, 99% where FLOPS!!!)

iMad3628d ago

GT5p was pure bore comparing to GRID.

Graphics Whore3628d ago

Let's be honest iMad you probably didn't even go near a PS3 before.

360 man3628d ago

oh man lol sir ken kutaragi u are a very funny guy

every exclusive released on ps3 except for mgs4 was a flop

Gue13628d ago (Edited 3628d ago )

in sales @360_man. Because if you start picking apart every exclusive of all the year from both consoles the PS3 still has more and better games and that's what a gamer should really take into account, not sales.

In what way you benefit from the profit MS makes? Because the PS3's way behind in install base and look at 2009 line-up. Where's the MS line-up? They are making money but I don't see the games.

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3628d ago

It should say - 'OVERwhelming marketing by Micro$oft, and still the xBox 360 Games were a FLOP!!!' ;-D
I can't think of 1 xBox 360 game this year worth buying???NOPE...Nothing... ;-D

dukadork3628d ago (Edited 3628d ago )

grid is a half assed mess lost somewhere in between a sim and an arcade racer.

when i want real driving i go gt5p
when i want arcade fun i go motorstorm2

gt5p and motorstorm2 both wipe their ass with grid

LBP is pure genius, even for cunts who like to masturbate over sales numbers: LBP has very long legs and will make many baboons feel very stupid in the end

R2 is the best online shooter right now

bubble for Ken

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3628d ago

Nice Avatar!!! ;-D
Bubbles 4 you mate;)
+ Your right, GT5:Pro + MotorStorm 2 are the BEST Racers out this year!!! ;-P
+ LBP is SO MUCH FUN!!!;) + SALES will build over time for LBP;)

Oh + WipeOut:HD is a WINNER to!!! ;-P

2008 has been AMAZING for the PS3 and 2009 will be even BETTER!!! ;-P
Hmm i can feel another xBox 360 M$ price cut comming!!! ;-D

dukadork3628d ago


when i want real driving i go gt5p
when i want arcade fun i go motorstorm2
when i want sci-fi pod racing i go wipeoutHD!

PS3 owns racing in every possible ways

thx for reminding me bro :P

Deadman643627d ago

lol look at sir ken and duka sucking each other off

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Deviant3628d ago

"Despite the glossy finish, GT5 Prologue was just plain dull compared to GRID" ...:D
pathetic comparison

PoSTedUP3628d ago

gt5p was a good taste of whats to come and it sold well for a demo and it is a simulator not a fun arcade racer and it is not a full game and GT franchise is in the top 10 list of the top 10 highest selling franchises of all time. it will sell extremely well on final release.

now back 2 playing....


The final GT5 will have damage.Its funny how they compare a demo to a finish game and the demo looks 10times better than grid.So just imagie how the final build will look like.

DavidMacDougall3628d ago

The only reason i even downloaded the Grid demo was because i was hoping it was like GT5 ...i was wrong so i never bought the game

GT5 > Grid (By along way)

Time_Is_On_My_Side3628d ago (Edited 3628d ago )

What's more pathetic the prologue series was meant for the fanatics and it's seen more of a beta test than a demo. They're using the Gran Turismo 5 Prologue to further the final product.

Tekken 6 isn't even released yet stating it is because it went on both platform with a delay.I'm guessing David Houghton (Author) likes rushed products.

As with the others, don't really care too much for.

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Aclay3628d ago

The writer thought that GT5 Prologues A.I. was "barely consious"? I guess he must not have played the S-Class races or something. To me the A.I. is just as good...if not better than previous Gran Turismo games.

If this guy thinks that GT5P was boring, well, Gran Turismo is a racing simulator and isn't like GRID. I've been a fan of the GT series since the first game on the PS1 and love them.

Gran Turismo is the best selling and most successful Racing series of all time, and regardless of what the writer thinks, GT5 is going to sell millions and it's a pretty highly anticipated game, especially in Europe. GT5 is a game for the fans of the series and doesn't need to compete with GRID because it has a different type of gameplay and Gran Turismo has a fanbase that far exceeds any Racing game currently out.

Gran Turismo 5 isn't even out yet, so I don't see how the game has "shot itself in the foot". I guess this guy is forming his opinion on how GT5 will be based on GT5P, but GT5P was just a small TASTE of what the full experience will be.

As far as Tekken 6 goes, it probably would be coming out this Winter or Early 2009 on the PS3 if it wasn't announced for the 360. Tekken has always been a pretty popular fighting franchise on the Playstation platform and I'm pretty sure that there will be some excitement for it when it does release next Fall. I think that the game shot itself in the foot whenever it was delayed yet again, but I really think that Namco should have just released the PS3 version first and just release the 360 version later after they were done porting it.

BrianC62343628d ago

I don't think the idiot played any of the games he mentioned. For some reason a lot of stupid articles are popping up on the Web right now just like this garbage. I don't care what these morons think. LittleBigPlanet is fine. GT5 Prologue is fine. Most of the games he mentioned are fine. I really hate that site too. Most of the junk that gets posted here from them is a waste of time to read.

TheMART3628d ago

Sorry, but GT5p isn't a racing sim. Its more arcade then sim. You can crush into another car or into the wall there is no scratch and nothing that breaks down on the car. You can win a race to lean into the curves against a car that hard that the other car will get of track and the crash doesn't slow you down.

GT5p is far, far from a race sim. GT5p is boring because it lacks these damage modelling and more. It looks pretty, but is boring and not a real race sim.

GT5 shot itself in the foot by releasing this late. Late 2009 or maybe even 2010. That's 3 years or more after the release of the PS3. That's insane. Like many major franchises, they come too late. God of War III in 2010 etc etc

Sony should have pushed the specs and their devkits earlier with better support to have games like GT5, God of War III etc in the first or maybe beginning of the 2nd year of the PS3.

Bob Dole3628d ago

Why do you spew this nonsense? It's like being bukkake'd with stupid.

Lombax3627d ago

Bwaaaaaaaahahahahahahahahaaaaa aaahahahahahaaaa hahaha ha oh ho hehe haha oh... oh... ... ...HA!

Hope you were wearing sunglasses.

You get a bubble for making me laugh so gawdamn hard.

Besides can anyone name a better racing sim on a console?

...Anyone? ...Anyone?

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Enough said.

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