Top 10 Things Missing from the Home Beta Avatar Generator

PS3 Attitude's Brodiesan takes a look at the Home Avatar Generator and discovers 10 things either completely missing or screaming out to be improved.

From the meagre amount of content available to the restrictive colour system on to the criminal act of not including beards (!) we take the tool apart for the good of avatar-kind.

Do you agree with the list? Despite its shortcomings is it still miles ahead of Microsoft's Avatars or the Wii's Miis? Let us know.

Also, not in the Beta and therefore unable to figure out if this list is total bunk or right on the money?

We have a beta key up for grabs for anyone with access to a U.S. account.

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Deviant3631d ago

you shouldnt judge the current beta ..but yeah :P

Brodiesan3631d ago

I agree. I do put a disclaimer on the article stating that we're fully aware that this is a beta and that things will get better in this area.

That said, the service will launch in a few days. How much is going to change between then and now ?


Wizeguy213631d ago

This isn't even widely available. In time we will have TONS of items.

majiesto3631d ago

I think the whole thing is too time confusing. Sure you can build your avatar to make it look exactly like you (to a certain extent) but I don't have the time/patience to do that. I'd be satisfied with something similar to me.

Brodiesan3631d ago

Well, technically, you only have to create your avatar once.

Unless you eat a load of pies or something

SmokeyMcBear3631d ago

well i agree with the facial recognition software (tiger woods anyone).... and beards... i want my goatee.

Brodiesan3631d ago

Shocked there are no beards. It boggles the mind. Really - I thought I had a broken Home when I was creating my avatar and there were no beards on offer.

I just remember thinking: "I'm missing something. There HAS to be beards. HAS to be. Don't tell me I have to buy a bloody beard!"

Also, like freckles, stubble should be an option. Just for the guys of course! *cough*

LevDog3631d ago

HAHAHA.. What a baby.. This guy is complaining about a beta for one.. For 2 he is complaining about something that has more customizable options than anything else on another system.. For god sakes It has as much customization than most games.. And its a FREE service..