Does the Xbox 720 Need Blu-ray to Succeed?

There's no way Microsoft will install a Blu-ray drive into the Xbox 720 and to be quite honest, there's really no reason for them to do so. The reason is simple: Microsoft doesn't want to pay a competitor -- Sony, the key backer behind the Blu-ray Association -- to use its format. Secondly, and perhaps most importantly, Microsoft realizes that Blu-ray isn't an ideal format, given the fact Blu-ray's chance of success is very much in doubt.

The single benefit Blu-ray provides to developers is its capacity. But once another generation rolls around, doesn't it stand to reason that producing DVDs will be even less expensive and it may yield a more cost-effective approach than using Blu-ray anyway?

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rucky3659d ago (Edited 3659d ago )

Ahhhh good old Cnet and their anti-Sony articles. What is it this morning and all these hate against Sony?

Nathan Drake3659d ago

I'll be giving N4G some exclusive news either by the end of today or tomorrow morning,it has to do with a certain Sony handheld


Nothing new to see hear, cnet and "ANOTHER" blu ray is not needed article!!! How many of this has been approved on n4g and y the hell do we keep approving it :/

Wizeguy213659d ago

ahh cnet. For being very involved with electronics you sure are dumb!!!
Of course XBOX doesn't NEED blu-ray. I think they forget blu-ray is just a medium! You know there are other things out there that can hold large amounts of data! Cnet stick to phone reviews..

va_bank3659d ago (Edited 3659d ago )

This is the 7th article today. All it makes me think of is that Peter Moore interview where he talked about how they were doing viral marketing campaigns when launching the 360. My guess is they're at it again.

EDIT: Hey, does anyone still remember 2007? "Blu-ray is dead, HD-DVD is the future! HD_DVD players are cheaper, so that's what everyone will buy!"

SL1M DADDY3659d ago

All signed by the same person?

Anon19743659d ago

It's hard to take Cnet seriously when you consider how closely linked their parent and Microsoft are, but still, Blu-Ray's success in doubt? Please. You think Microsoft doesn't have to pay anyone royalties when they make DVD's? Or that Sony and MS have never collaborated on anything before? Or that developers are really, really happy having their games span 2, 3, 4 DVD's?

That being said, MS has already openly stated that the next Xbox probably won't be a traditional gaming console but instead will be a cheaper "digital distribution hub". Maybe he has a point that MS may not use Blu-Ray, but not for the reason Cnet would have you believe as they take shots at Blu-Ray. I guess we'll find out more at E3 this year when the 720 rears it's head and the 360's coffin starts to be nailed shut.
Just my opinion, but I can't see anyone buying the buggy, 360 hardware once the 720 is revealed to be right around the corner.

The Lazy One3659d ago

If only as a media format.

Whether or not it will use that for it's primary media for it's games remains to be seen. I'm really hoping for flash media. Variable space storage devices ftw.

solidt123659d ago

You would have to be stupid to buy the next Xbox without a Blu-Ray player. Blu-ray is the next format so just except is Microsoft. Making the Xbox 720 without a Blu-Ray is like putting a cartridge in the dam thing.

bigshynepo3659d ago

Every week there is another "Cnet hates Blu-ray" article. There must be some serious sour grapes over the format war at those offices. Perhaps Cnet bought some huge stock in Toshiba right before Warner went exclusive...

Once the sales figures for Dark Knight come out, no one will be able to doubt blu-ray's viability as a HD format.

The way CNET constantly tries to diminish blu-ray reminds me of that Hitler Blu-ray vs HD-DVD video...

Skynetone3659d ago

i sure hope its for blu-ray

coolfool3659d ago

Tell me he didn't just say that Microsoft should use DVD for their next gen console......?!

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Nathan Drake3659d ago

How do we know there'll be a 720,with Microsoft shutting down first party studios and losing exclusives left and right,it's like they just don't care about the videogame business anymore.

Deadman643659d ago

If they were really pulling out why would the release a completely new OS for the 360, aka beta testing the "720"'s OS?

Wizeguy213659d ago

i think its sarcasm, and its NOT a new OS! its a new gui! Think of NXE as a service pack instead of windows vista! HAHA

Anon19743659d ago

What scares me is it sounds like Microsoft will be taking a page from the Wii and putting out a cheaper console rather than a tradional console. I don't think anyone wants that, but I don't think MS can stomach anymore loses from their games division.

Right now, with the warranties all coming up, MS has a potential PR nightmare. Better to get out a new system so they can say "Yeah the 360's buggy, but just upgrade to the new one."
Problem solved.

josh143993659d ago

i will laf if the next xbox still uses dvd. well i seriously hope games still come on discs next gen because i dont want to have to download games (its for fat people who cant walk to a game store)

Deadman643659d ago

I prefer to drive. So I guess I'm fat.

borgome3658d ago

If you are American there is a 50% chance you are fat, I would say that's pretty good odds.

panasonic233659d ago

no ms should just use hd disc

King20083659d ago

They didn't propose digital distribution....oh wait they did? How can a website like CNET honestly believe that physical media is going the way of the dinosaur? It's mind boggling to believe that anytime in the near future DD will be viable to the masses.

A game here a movie rental there will suffice but so complete think that people wouldn't want a hard copy considering that even now 80%+ people that do store DD material don't back it up. What if all my movies and games crash on my 100TB hard drive what do I do then. Fortunately for us Microsoft has the greatest track record of release well tested products before shipping.

Physical Media will never go away and neither will the stores that sells them. Anybody that believes that they will see it in our generations needs to pass me some of the doobie that they are smoking.

Perjoss3659d ago

Agreed, it is a very nice feeling to HOLD in your hands that new release you have been waiting for months or even years "it's finally here! I have it right here in my hands! look at the lovely box art, I'm glad I bought the special edition" etc, then placing it on your shelf right next to all the other games in your collection. Buying a digital version is just not the same. I really don't think sales will ever go completely digital.

40cal3659d ago

Pay Sony for using Blu-Ray or cripple your next console.

I am willing to bet they end up going Blu they just are not going to admit it now because if they did it would make the PS3 look superior to the 360.