Criterion on Making PC Games Right

Spong: We all like demos. No matter what our platform of choice, we all love free demos. But we don't trust them do we? Well, we trust them more than trailers. The problem with demos is always that they are so limited though.

Something else we don't like are PC demos that play okay on our battered old Apricot (we've updated it to DOS 5 now and Windows 3.1), so you go and buy the full game, and it makes the entire system fail.

So, when Criterion announced that "Like both the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions, this (PC) product combines the original Burnout Paradise with all the incredible support content we've developed so far! That means our Cagney Pack update, the Bikes Pack and the forthcoming Party Pack are all included", we were quite moved but not utterly.

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