Sony Ericsson to make Android handsets

Sony Ericsson has announced plans to make its first Android handset, having joined the Open Handset Alliance.

What's more, it looks like the handset could sport one of Sony Ericsson's existing sub-brands, judging by comments by CVP and head of creation and development Rikko Sakaguchi.

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creatif3629d ago

Would Google allow that? Sony Ericsson has great history making gaming phones anyway, and Android Market could be as good as iPhone's App Store for discovering and buying games - this could be a match made in heaven.

Or they could make a Walkman Android phone instead, I guess.

Hobgoblin3629d ago

Well, I guess with Android being open source, Google will have to live with anyone making handsets whether they like it or not - even if it's Sony Ericsson.
I do love the idea of an Android Walkman phone, though!

Counter_ACT3629d ago

Awesome. These should be good. My boyfriend has had loads of software trouble with his Ericsson.

Darkseider3629d ago

I love android but the G1 is well.. meh. I look forward to see what the Sony/Ericsson camp puts out.

ultimolu3629d ago

Oooh, that's kinda cool. :D

sonyandcher3629d ago

android phone screen pics remind me of when homer tried to make his first web page....

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