13 new Killzone 2 screens

SCEE has released 13 new screens of Killzone 2.

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trancefreak3629d ago

wow great pics also i saw the killzone 2 pre order game box cases @ best buy last night and i knew it was getting close to having IMO the real next gen gaming experience on my ps3 really soon.

Graphics Whore3629d ago

It sucks that the screenshots drop the post processing effects, the game is absolutely drop dead gorgeous in motion, Gears of War 2 had the same problem, the Screenshots looked like crap but looked fantastic in-motion.

jcfilth3629d ago

I'm starting to feel like I've played the game already. Enough with the screenshots and videos!! I want to wait until the game comes out.

DA_SHREDDER3629d ago (Edited 3629d ago )

Not saying anyhthing bad about the game, but its pissing me off so bad that all I see is these things when I too wanna play the game myself. Also, to the guy below me, your not in the beta, its not even going anymore you idiot so quit lying. Which brings me to another issue with this whole thing. Ive bought every exclusive psn title, annual Qore, been in every beta sony has ever made, yet they leave me out of the most important beta of them all. Im really upset about the whole thing. I cant believe Sony would leave someone like me out.

remanutd553629d ago

lol, why you say the beta isnt going anymore? i've just finished playing for 2 hours today , im getting back after the champions league game , psn id remanutd5 , killzone2 beta was supposed to end last sunday but it didnt, dont know where you get your info from

Craig David3629d ago

hmmmmmmmm they look familiar???

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