PSP Homebrew - Asterz Build 6: new particle engine, GU lighting, more

In Asterz Build 6, Slasher has added a few cool additions, including a new particle engine, GU lighting, and a makeshift anti-aliasing method. Here's the complete changelog:

* Core code completely redone. I physically deleted it and redid it
* New TEDGE Team Duck particle engine being used, so particle look much better
* GU lighting added, giving shape to models
* Makeshift anti-aliasing added for smoother edges (thanks Raphael for dither matrix)
* Basic menu added
* Ability to choose different ships (3 are available in this build)
* Ship physics tweaked a bit
* Ability to barrel roll with ship now
* Level setup now complete, I just need to make the levels
* Added D-PAD movement support
* Probably other things that I forget right now...

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