Video Games with Bangs for Your Buck

Video games may seem expensive when compared with other entertainment media, like DVDs or CDs. But when you do the math, video games are some of the most cost-effective gifts you can give.

Take a $60 game like "Fallout 3." I've played it for about 80 hours, which works out to 75 cents per hour. Your typical DVD purchase costs about $10 an hour, so what's the real bargain?

There are two things to remember if you're new to buying video games. First, find out what kind of console the recipient owns (Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Wii are the big three) and make sure your gift is in that format. Second, pay attention to ratings: The M-rated games listed here are far too intense for younger players.

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_Q_3630d ago

I also think Valkeria Chronicles should be on this list. You can rack up major hours on this game.

Nineball21123630d ago

Yeah, good call on Valkyria Chronicles.

I plan to pick that game up myself if I don't get it from someone else at Christmas.

Mozilla893629d ago

Don't get me wrong Mirrors Edge is a fun and great title, but when I take bang for your buck to mean you get a lot of content. Mirrors Edge won't last most people a really long time.

MasterChief36243629d ago

Mirror's Edge? Seriously?

Anyways, I don't like how they're only looking at the big games coming out now...

Why didn't they put in something like Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts? Only $40, and has a good 30 - 40 hours of play time, and that is without factoring in all the vehicles you can create, and all the different things to collect and different ways to go about completing certain challenges.

A bit of an older one, but still recent in my world: Bangai-O Spirits. Quite possibly the most inventive shooter on the DS, and one with near-infinite replay value. It's a niche title, sure. But if you are part of that niche, and you get hooked to it, you will never put it down. 150 levels of strategic-shooting, a level creator, AND a way to download levels and replays from other people? All for only $30 (if it is even that high anymore).

Two highly, highly underrated games that I feel deserve so much more credit, especially from an article that lists Mirror's Edge as a game with "tons of bang for the buck".

Mahr3629d ago

I'm inclined to echo the perplexity with Mirror's Edge's inclusion on the list. Last generation had games like Okami which had a solid 30-40 hours worth of gameplay and cost less then and substantially less now. It's almost 2009; being asked to shell out sixty dollars plus tax for a game that's maybe six hours is simply not acceptable, even if the core gameplay is perfect (which it isn't).