Pocket Gamer Review: Einstein's Mind Twister

Pocket Gamer writes: I had a great idea the other day - one that, if I could be so bold, might well save the planet.

Here it is: why don't we just section off a large portion of the North Pole and cover it in solar panels? Then, we could harness the energy generated to power giant freezers that blow icy winds all over the region, putting a stop to the melting of the ice caps and generally saving ourselves from the cataclysm of climate problems that is set to sweep across the globe.

Would it work? I have no idea - and that's the problem: good intentions, but no facts to back it up. Einstein, however, with his theory of relativity and Nobel peace prize, seemed to have been an altogether more solid fellow.

If you'd asked him to drop a ball in a bucket using nothing but a dog, a balloon and a pair of scissors, he'd probably be able to apply a bit of scientific logic to solve the problem in no time at all.

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