6.8 Review The Last Remnant The Last Remnant seems to have come along as yet another example to the Japanese markets that yes, the Xbox 360 is the console for them and that they should perhaps betray their PS3 loyalties in favour of a wealth of new RPGs on the 360. It's a good plan by Square Enix, but quite flawed too. The problem being that some of their best talents such as Hironobu Sakaguchi have jumped ship to Mistwalker to make Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey. Square Enix have tried to combat this with titles such as Infinite Undiscovery and now The Last Remnant. It's not often you can have an RPG that can appeal to both the purist and the novice, but The Last Remnant just about manages to do it. However, much like the rest of the game, it's all a bit of a double-edged sword.

The Last Remnant is a funny old game. Every time it scores a plus point, it then does something that lets it down a bit. However, despite its many faults, I really enjoyed it. It manages to break from the norm slightly yet also has that 'traditional' feeling to it. Unfortunately, once the big guns of Final Fantasy 13 and Star Ocean arrive, it will probably fall into the background, much like Enchanted Arms did when Blue Dragon arrived. However for now, it is an enjoyable stop-gap for anyone who enjoys JRPGs. Just don't expect too much from it. It likes to give with one hand and take away with the other.

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